Miss Cayley's Adventures

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(4.4 stars; 34 reviews)

Fun stories of Miss Lois Cayley, independent young woman, as she, beginning with only twopence in her pocket, travels the world. (Summary by kristin)
Miss Lois Cayley, a smart, strong and independent woman, is traveling around the world. However, her beloved is in trouble. He is accused of a crime which he didn't commit. But who did? And would she be able to save him from 14 years in prison? And would an independent woman let herself, finally, fall in love and live quietly? (Summary by Stav Nisser). (8 hr 56 min)


Ecellent Story

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this story and it was very well read. It told of the adventures of a young lady whose character and judgement served her well through all. I believe it would be an excellent book for young people as it demonstrated that, in most cases, the decisions we make in life, if made with our best intentions, will usually be correct. I also liked the heroine because, even though she was strong, intelligent and independent, she showed those characteristics as not inconsistent with her ability to love in the truest sense of the word. God Bless Librivox!

What A Fun Book!

(5 stars)

I have very much enjoyed listening to a few of this author's books, but this one was superlative! Thank you, for the wonderful reading.

(5 stars)

The fact that the heroine was portrayed as independent was lovely and her various adventures made the book sparkling and interesting.

(5 stars)

Amusing tales of a surprisingly modern woman (for the turn of the 20th century) read by very good readers.