The Jolly Corner

Read by Nicholas Clifford (1930-2019)

(4 stars; 42 reviews)

"The Jolly Corner," published in 1908, is considered by many to be a ghost story ranking second only to "The Turn of the Screw." James’s protagonist, Spencer Brydon, is an American of 56, returned to New York after 33 years in Europe, where he has apparently accomplished little while living off his New York rentals. His friendship with Alice Staverton, and his engagement in the development of a property awaken him to the possibilities that might have been his, had he chosen a different course of life. The "ghost," if that’s what it is, is that other self that might have been, and his confrontation with that self and its possibilities leads to a deeply unsettling, yet ambiguous, conclusion. (1 hr 35 min)


Chapter 1 32:59 Read by Nicholas Clifford (1930-2019)
Chapter 2 48:29 Read by Nicholas Clifford (1930-2019)
Chapter 3 14:15 Read by Nicholas Clifford (1930-2019)


Haunted by our own demons...

(5 stars)

This is an intriguing and thought-provoking tale. On the surface a ghost story, it is really a story about the ghosts which haunt our own interiors. It poses deep existential questions--Who are we, really? Would we even recognize ourselves in a life in which in which we had made different choices? What does it mean to love someone regardless of how that person develops over the course of a lifetime? Well-read. Highly recommended.

thought provoking

(5 stars)

A beautifully written, almost poetic tale. The ghost could be the invention of an egotistical man who feels his time has not been well spent but...there is a connection to the woman ,who though long abandoned , still loves him ....up to you to decide. Excellent narration.

(1 stars)

What is this all about?. I honestly did not get this book! Reader is very good but I just didn’t get it! Maybe a bit too poetically told for a ghost story.

One of my favorite readers

(1 stars)

I've tried to give this author another try after two years. I still am not able to connect with any of his works.

Strange tale

(1 stars)

about what might have been.....but it was so short!!! You hardly had the chance of knowing the characters or the situation before it was over.

(5 stars)

A most excellent book and an even more excellent narration of a very difficult and winding text.

(5 stars)

Short but thought provoking and Mr. Clifford’s voice is divine.

(5 stars)

kam what a excellent match. author and reader. thankyou