The Game of Life and How to Play It

Read by Amy Conger

(4.7 stars; 1051 reviews)

Florence Scovel Shinn, an illustrator living in New York City, became a teacher of New Thought after a divorce. New Thought was a movement which holds the belief that individuals can create their own reality through intentional thoughts and prayer, much like the current Law of Attraction movement. The Game of Life and How to Play It is her first book, and is remarkable for being written by a woman and meant for a genteel female audience. (Summary from Wikipedia) (2 hr 41 min)


01 - The Game 16:03 Read by Amy Conger
02 - The Law of Prosperity 13:48 Read by Amy Conger
03 - The Power of the Word 14:24 Read by Amy Conger
04 - The Law of Nonresistance 15:42 Read by Amy Conger
05 - The Law of Karma and the Law of Forgiveness 15:26 Read by Amy Conger
06 - Casting the Burden 14:32 Read by Amy Conger
07 - Love 16:56 Read by Amy Conger
08 - Intuition Or Guidance 16:54 Read by Amy Conger
09 - Perfect Self-Expression or the Divine Design 17:45 Read by Amy Conger
10 - Denials and Affirmations 16:31 Read by Amy Conger
11 - Denials and Affirmations 3:08 Read by Amy Conger



(5 stars)

loved this! I read all the time to pick my spirits up! The readers voice is angelic, so so pretty and calming, I wish she would read all the books in here


(5 stars)

I am 45 years old. And this way of thinking, giving and receiving is what I have lived by since I was 13 years old. my Mother introduced my siblings and me to it. I never forgot. My Fiancee and I are purchasing our home in Puerto Rico in February and by My birthday we will be in our Beautiful Home in Puerto Rico; we see flowers, we have successful businesses and we are going to assist the Community. This is so right.

Thought and faith power!

(5 stars)

My favorite book on metaphysics. I read a page or two from the paperback daily. I listen to it on librivox quite often, thru my cell phone while driving or working to infuse my subconscious with these ideas. this is one of the best simple law of attraction books out there. it is

(4 stars)

I liked the examples the author gave about how your believes will manifest. On the other hand, the book was very heavy on Christian concepts as opposed to metaphysical concepts that are generic to every religion. It is very possible that I have missed the connection between the title (life is a game) and the content (infinite intelligence and the power to create). Gamification of life (in my mind) seems more consistent with trial and error and weaponizing addiction to good values. I don't see how someone, who believes that there is infinite intelligence and that he could ubite with it, can view life as a game.

The best book in the world

(5 stars)

This book is the only book that I need in my life right now . It has so much guidance . I want everyone on earth to listen to this audiobook at least once . I love the author and the reader . Thankyou for this blessing

let go of negativity and pettiness!

(5 stars)

I love this and the voice is pleasant to hear. I am not Christian but I really needed to hear this book to mend my heart.

Thank-you Librivox

(5 stars)

Another wonderful reading, heard by a grateful listener. I would like to point out some misinformed parts of the description of this work. The "New Thought Movement" is an "out-growing" of the Religion of Spiritualism (not to be confused with Spiritism). The law of attraction is a law of nature, just as is the law of gravity. Because it is part of everyday life, no one expounding it would want to join to it the term, "Movement", implying the possibility of impermanence. The study of this law, how it works, and how it can be worked, is a part of Spiritualism and New Thought, certainly though, not the whole. I'd like to add also that it isn't really remarkable that a woman wrote this best seller, as women had been writing best-selling books for a long time by then, as well as publishing under their own names. While Mrs. Shinn may have been considered genteel, she wrote for whomever her words would help. If she addresses women more so than men, it would only be natural. She was a far-sighted woman, hoping to improve the lives of all.

Inspirational words for every nuance of life

(5 stars)

I've been listening to this audiobook for quite some time off and on throughout my life and each time I've listen to it I've been able to-receive something from the book that I've never received before it's amazing how life experiences can bring things to your attention I rate this book like a five-star I find some times to be almost as practical as the Bible and I learned so many things from thanks Florence for writing this wonderful work of art