The Light That Failed

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(3.5 stars; 10 reviews)

This novel, first published in 1890, follows the life of Dick Heldar, a painter. Most of the novel is set in London, but many important events throughout the story occur in Sudan or India. It was made into a 1916 film with Jose Collins and a 1939 film by Paramount starring Ronald Colman.

It is a tale of of a man who loves his work, friends and boats and starts in Dick’s childhood, then takes you through his life – the war in Sudan, friends abroad, life in England, his love for Maisie, the obstacles those closest to him meet when a very independent man fights becoming dependent and finally the life changes Dick faces as his eyes fail him.(summary by Magdalene) (7 hr 46 min)


Chapter 01 23:36 Read by icyjumbo (1964-2010)
Chapter 02 21:03 Read by grace4him
Chapter 03 24:13 Read by TriciaG
Chapter 04 Pt 1 14:19 Read by LoraBeth Davis
Chapter 04 Pt 2 14:13 Read by LoraBeth Davis
Chapter 05 23:38 Read by LoraBeth Davis
Chapter 06 Pt 1 15:04 Read by Elli
Chapter 06 Pt 2 11:17 Read by Elli
Chapter 07 Pt 1 26:45 Read by TriciaG
Chapter 07 Pt 2 12:33 Read by TriciaG
Chapter 08 Pt 1 20:52 Read by Zarnaz
Chapter 08 Pt 2 20:08 Read by Zarnaz
Chapter 09 Pt 1 17:27 Read by Ted Nugent
Chapter 09 Pt 2 16:12 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
Chapter 10 20:07 Read by Gary Coy
Chapter 11 22:50 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
Chapter 12 17:23 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
Chapter 13 Pt 1 24:20 Read by Zarnaz
Chapter 13 Pt 2 16:56 Read by Zarnaz
Chapter 14 Pt 1 21:44 Read by Jessi
Chapter 14 Pt 2 21:59 Read by Jessi
Chapter 14 Pt 3 21:11 Read by Jessi
Chapter 15 Pt 1 20:26 Read by Magdalena
Chapter 15 Pt 2 18:22 Read by Magdalena


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(0.5 stars)

An excellent Kipling book ruined by people that can't read, There were so many poor readers, I had to download and read book in order to understand the story.


(4.5 stars)

A fine, poignant story, though a bit slow to get to the real part of it. Just when one is prepared for tragedy, the human spirit turns it to triumph.

(2.5 stars)

Okay story but I missed important parts because if poor reading. Chapter 2 needs to be re-done as you can hardly even hear the reader over the terrible recording quality.

(0.5 stars)

Horrible readings, worse ever. Common readers , do you even listen to your recordings? Wasted good book! Sorry!