In the Bishop's Carriage

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

(4.7 stars; 54 reviews)

Nancy 'Nance' Olden, a young and very pretty woman, is an accomplished liar and thief. Raised in a horrific orphanage, called the Cruelty by its occupants, Nance and her criminal boyfriend, Tom Dorgan, are pulling a con when the book begins. The results of their act propel Nance into a series of events that she could never have imagined. This was Miriam Michelson's first novel and it was considered a 'blockbuster' in its day. Ranked fourth on the list of bestsellers of 1904 by "Publishers Weekly," Michelson's book was a source of controversy due to the dubious ethics and morals of its heroine. (Summary by Lee Ann Howlett) (5 hr 28 min)


01 - Chapter 1 35:28 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
02 - Chapter 2 36:59 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
03 - Chapter 3 13:00 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
04 - Chapter 4 25:37 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
05 - Chapter 5 18:29 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
06 - Chapter 6 15:43 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
07 - Chapter 7 18:21 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
08 - Chapter 8 26:06 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
09 - Chapter 9 15:51 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
10 - Chapter 10 17:05 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
11 - Chapter 11 16:09 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
12 - Chapter 12 15:29 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
13 - Chapter 13 16:11 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
14 - Chapter 14 12:07 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
15 - Chapter 15 15:10 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
16 - Chapter 16 7:43 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
17 - Chapter 17 23:22 Read by Lee Ann Howlett



(5 stars)

Terrific book wonderfully read by Lee Ann Howlett (it is so cute the way she introduces each chapter!) captured my interest right from the start and never let go. One bit of a puzzle for me was the person that the bold protagonist, Nance Olden, speaks to throughout and yet never appears, Maggie, her friend from "The Cruelty" orphanage/prison where they were both "cruelty girls". I got the impression that Mag was an imaginary friend of Nance's and she had actually died. I thought that might be clarified at the end of the book but it wasn't. I think I was right about that though. SIX (6) stars! MAY 2019 - Listened to it again. I love this one, both the book and especially the reader. Make that 8 stars. 8 out of a max. of 5, so that's 5 max plus 3!

A slow start, but it winds up as the book goes along

(5 stars)

I thought, after chapter one, that it was a bit weak, but this book has a strange shift of pace after the establishing chapter, and then becomes a sort of caper or "bad girl makes good" angle. Really interesting and suprisingly modern. Convincingly read.

Interesting story

(5 stars)

The narration is exceptional! The story of an orphaned miscreant who isn’t exactly lovable. She gets in and out of numerous, often funny, scrapes. Her misery is very real and she has some choices to make in her life. Very enjoyable. Thank you LibriVox.

I liked it!

(5 stars)

This was a good story. I love it when the underdog comes out on top. I also like stories where the character turns their life around. You will find that in this story and as usual Lee Ann is fabulous.


(5 stars)

I had never heard of the novel or author, but was looking for some light entertainment. Took a chance on this one since it is read by Lee Ann Howlett. The story is delightfully wicked. LOVED IT!

Charming story

(5 stars)

A charming sentimental story of tough luck and redemption. Very well read by Lee Ann Howlett. Highly recommended. TheBookworm (Manchester, UK)

feel good story in the yr. that SUCKED

(5 stars)

i just finished it and will most likely listen to it again

Fun Historical

(4 stars)

The final chapter pushed it from 3 stars to 4. Very enjoyable read with a terrific narrator.