The Light Princess and Other Fairy Tales

Read by Clive Catterall

(4.8 stars; 136 reviews)

George MacDonald claimed that he did not write for children, but for the child-like. Some of his longer works are clearly intended for adults, and this fantastic fiction influenced later writers such as G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. But you can find some of his best writing in the stories aimed squarely at children, and these are three of the finest.

The Light Princess. A wicked aunt curses her baby niece so that gravity has no effect on her, and she floats through the air as if it were water.The only way to break the curse is to make the princess cry.

The Giant's Heart. Two children argue and run away to Giantland. There they find out that one of the Giants steals children from the land of men and eats them, but how can they kill the Giant when he has hidden his heart where no one can find it?

The Golden Key. A boy discovers a Golden Key, but cannot find the lock. He meets a girl, and together they search for the land from where the shadows fall, hoping that the key will allow them in.
Summary by Clive Catterall) (3 hr 30 min)


The Light Princess - Part 1 23:56 Read by Clive Catterall
The Light Princess - Part 2 30:19 Read by Clive Catterall
The Light Princess - Part 3 27:09 Read by Clive Catterall
The Light Princess - Part 4 16:32 Read by Clive Catterall
The Giant's Heart - Part 1 21:16 Read by Clive Catterall
The Giant's Heart - Part 2 22:57 Read by Clive Catterall
The Golden Key - Part 1 30:37 Read by Clive Catterall
The Golden Key - Part 2 37:43 Read by Clive Catterall


wonderful stories and reader.

(5 stars)

I loved the golden key in particular. metaphors of life and death and love and loss. lovely to me as I face a difficult journey with cancer.

(5 stars)

Mr. Catterall does an excellent job; wish he would read more lots more. The book is wonderful, as is all George McDonald.

(5 stars)

Superbly read! I've been a reader of Macdonald my whole adult life and find his fairy stories are nicer listened to. Hence the gift of audiobooks. You all know, however, the reader makes or breaks this transition. For years I have been frustrated by poor narrators for some of these treasures, particularly The Golden key. The few options of this book are simply terrible. I mean REALY bad, lol. This reading is simply wonderful. You will agree...

Five Star Reading

(5 stars)

Story 1 was entertaining, thought-provoking, including some pathos which might ve disturbing for children--but ended well. Story 2 well told good vs evil adventure tale. Story 3 I found, as another reviewer said, a bizarre Alice in Wonderland collection of characters and events. It lacked the cohesive rules and order which to my taste create an enjoyable fantasy world. I kept waiting for the plot to develop the missing link that would hold it all together, but in vain. Reading of all 3 is impeccable and worth a listen for that alone!!

Excellent Reading of Lovely Stories

(5 stars)

Thank you for your lively reading of The Light Princess and Other Fairy Tales. When my mp3 player died and I had to wait till the next day to hear the end of The Giant's Heart I was left on tenterhooks. I enjoyed every second. An entertaining set of Fairy Tales by George MacDonald. I've read other things by the same author and not enjoyed them, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this collection of stories both humourous and heart-warming.

Love this!

(5 stars)

Both the story as well as the narration are excellent! To other listeners: If you are not familar with the author, it helps to remember this is from the romantic era - not everything has to make sense, but that's not a mistake of the author, but part of the art ;) Let go of your modern approach to account for everything and just enjoy the story as a piece if of art.

Beautiful narrator

(5 stars)

The reader did such a beautiful job. He brought out the magic of it in an understated way that let the imagery shine for itself. It was so much better listening than reading it for myself.

These are thought provoking stories and are beautifully read.

(5 stars)

We really enjoyed these stores, all but the Giant's Heart, which we skipped after the giant popped a little boy into a boiling pot. Ah!