Tom Sawyer Abroad by Huck Finn

Read by John Greenman

(4.6 stars; 317 reviews)

Tom Sawyer Abroad is a novel by Mark Twain published in 1894. It features Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in a parody of Jules Verne-esque adventure stories. In the story, Tom, Huck, and Jim set sail to Africa in a futuristic hot air balloon, where they survive encounters with lions, robbers, and fleas to see some of the world's greatest wonders, including the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Like Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, Detective, the story is told using the first-person narrative voice of Huck Finn. (Summary by Wikipedia) (3 hr 6 min)


Chapter I Tom Seeks New Adventures 18:42 Read by John Greenman
Chapter II The Balloon Ascension 13:50 Read by John Greenman
Chapter III Tom Explains 15:26 Read by John Greenman
Chapter IV Storm 7:34 Read by John Greenman
Chapter V Land 14:01 Read by John Greenman
Chapter VI It's a Caravan 10:25 Read by John Greenman
Chapter VII Tom Respects the Flea 13:15 Read by John Greenman
Chapter VIII The Disappearing Lake 17:01 Read by John Greenman
Chapter IX Tom Discourses on the Desert 11:40 Read by John Greenman
Chapter X The Treasure-Hill 13:14 Read by John Greenman
Chapter XI The Sand-Storm 18:20 Read by John Greenman
Chapter XII Jim Standing Siege 18:11 Read by John Greenman
Chapter XIII Going for Tom's Pipe 15:12 Read by John Greenman


really good but one thing...

(4 stars)

I enjoyed this book very well, and yet, there is one thing I’m not sure of, it’s whether Huckleberry Finn was telling this as a tall tale or whether it really happened. (I of course know it’s fiction but still).

(5 stars)

this is a good book exept for one thing, the book seems to end so abrupt, although I still like it very much!!! I am used to listening to longer books like tom Sawyer, tom Sawyer abroad, and Huckleberry finn. it is probably not AS interesting as those books but I still like it lots. ( i probably like tom Sawyer better than tom Sawyer abroad or Huckleberry finn) is huck telling it as a tall tale or is it real? i know the truth but ,🤷‍♀️.the book is probably 4 ½ stars but the reader is 5 stars. I love readers like John Green man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this reader is 100 %recommend, he makes books come alive and each person has it's own voice! jims voice is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hilarious and Entertaining

(5 stars)

I love when Tom and Huck argue about things like the map vs the land seen from the balloon, or balloon vs the flying horse.

(5 stars)

I love everything Twain, and this narrator is dynamite!

Worst of of the first three

(2.5 stars)

The reader did an amazing job. But it's short nothing to keep you interested happens. And the ending doesn't really make sense.

Suitable title for the story

(5 stars)

Very enjoyable story, will probably listen to it again Such good reading and excellent to listen to.

(3 stars)

I’ve liked it so far until right now!!! It will not play the audio of the book until I send a review!!!🤷🏼‍♀️

Could not have been red any better.

(5 stars)

This is a great book and the reader did a wonderful job.