The Enchanted Barn

Read by Gail Mattern

(4.6 stars; 989 reviews)

The Hollisters, a bright, spirited, wholesome family, are compelled to move into the country. After many efforts to secure a home, Shirley, eldest of the Hollisters, contrives a way out by renting a magnificent old stone barn at a ridiculously low price, transforming it into a house. The owner of the barn is not an ordinary landlord, as you will see, for he is a young man with fine ideals, and he is not content with establishing Shirley and her family in the quaintly beautiful old place, but makes the world a much happier place to live in for all of them. (Summary from publisher) (8 hr 19 min)


01 - Chapter 1 26:32 Read by Gail Mattern
02 - Chapter 2 16:01 Read by Gail Mattern
03 - Chapter 3 19:43 Read by Gail Mattern
04 - Chapter 4 16:09 Read by Gail Mattern
05 - Chapter 5 12:54 Read by Gail Mattern
06 - Chapter 6 16:39 Read by Gail Mattern
07 - Chapter 7 18:32 Read by Gail Mattern
08 - Chapter 8 14:41 Read by Gail Mattern
09 - Chapter 9 19:12 Read by Gail Mattern
10 - Chapter 10 20:07 Read by Gail Mattern
11 - Chapter 11 17:39 Read by Gail Mattern
12 - Chapter 12 23:31 Read by Gail Mattern
13 - Chapter 13 21:35 Read by Gail Mattern
14 - Chapter 14 22:30 Read by Gail Mattern
15 - Chapter 15 15:38 Read by Gail Mattern
16 - Chapter 16 14:08 Read by Gail Mattern
17 - Chapter 17 21:59 Read by Gail Mattern
18 - Chapter 18 15:26 Read by Gail Mattern
19 - Chapter 19 20:12 Read by Gail Mattern
20 - Chapter 20 14:33 Read by Gail Mattern
21 - Chapter 21 22:03 Read by Gail Mattern
22 - Chapter 22 17:57 Read by Gail Mattern
23 - Chapter 23 18:36 Read by Gail Mattern
24 - Chapter 24 17:40 Read by Gail Mattern
25 - Chapter 25 11:56 Read by Gail Mattern
26 - Chapter 26 20:02 Read by Gail Mattern
27 - Chapter 27 12:25 Read by Gail Mattern
28 - Chapter 28 11:11 Read by Gail Mattern


Love it!

(5 stars)

I am so happy that I stumbled across this wonderful old-fashioned story. If you enjoy books like Pollyanna or Anne of Green Gables, you will most likely enjoy this. The reader did a perfect job. Thank you to all of the volunteers!

sweet & exciting tale

(5 stars)

a sweet love story around two wonderful families. it is a far fetched fairy tale but sometimes you just feel like reading one! some small religious undertones that blend well with the story. some unexpected excitement thrown in with dangerous plots and bad guys! a wonderful job done by the reader as well.

A story where the good and faithful triumph.

(5 stars)

Warning: Sappy, nice, lovey, touchy, feel good, good wins over evil, faith teaching, praying, family values, and God are in this book...........and I enjoyed every moment. I thank Gail for taking the time to record this book.

a delightful and heartwarming fantasy!

(5 stars)

the barn was rather an original idea for me considering when this was written. This was well-written and very well-read by Gail Mattern. She did different voices that added to the entertainment, such as the gangster's tough guy sound and the youngest little girl Doris's baby talk that was funny and cute. The story itself was a comforting fantasy and the characters were well-defined and likable. Although the story was quite predictable it kept my interest throughout due to the charming interactions among the various characters. Thank you to Gail for volunteering your time and talent. I hope to find more books read by her.

Wonderful story and narration

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this sweet story. It does have some religious undertones too it but I think it contributed to the stories quaintness. Grace Mattern who narrated the story brought the characters to life and she did a wonderful job. I thought that her New England/New York? sounding accent made the story more realistic. I recommend this for an enjoyable stress free listen. It will bring hope back to your heart.

The Enchanted Barn

(4.5 stars)

This is my third time reading this book and I love it, ok it's a bit unreal but it's fiction and we all need a bit of escapism now and again. I love the narration as well.

(5 stars)

Just what I was looking for, a story to get lost in but not think too hard. Picturesque in town and country this is a feel good story. Great narrator.

Wonderful story

(5 stars)

Loved the story. It's about a family that has suffered a lot due to the death of the father and has had to readjust their life to poverty level of living, but hasn't lost their kindness to others. The oldest daughter and son has the weight of supporting the family upon their shoulders bc the mother has been very sick and has to stay in bed. Then they have to move and find another place to live. The narrator Gail Madden did a great job. I recommend this story to anyone who needs a lift in spirit and how life can change for the better if you trust in God.