Acres of Diamonds

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(4.3 stars; 18 reviews)

Text of famous inspirational lecture and biography of Russell Conwell, a Baptist minister and Temple University Founder (Summary by Scott Dahlem) (4 hr 29 min)


01 - Part 1 21:52 Read by Scott Dahlem
02 - Part 2 22:02 Read by Scott Dahlem
03 - Part 3 22:21 Read by Scott Dahlem
04 - Part 4 28:01 Read by Max Lindberg
05 - Part 5 19:13 Read by Scott Dahlem
06 - Part 6 26:11 Read by Scott Dahlem
07 - Part 7 16:35 Read by Scott Dahlem
08 - Part 8 17:58 Read by Scott Dahlem
09 - Part 9 23:21 Read by Scott Dahlem
10 - Part 10 23:49 Read by Scott Dahlem
11 - Part 11 18:15 Read by Scott Dahlem
12 - Part 12 15:35 Read by Scott Dahlem
13 - Part 13 14:35 Read by Scott Dahlem


very inspirational but raycyst

(5 stars)

I'm not a Xtian, but I must say this work is kind of inspiring. If you are feeling down you should listen to this to bring some pep back in your life. However, today it is considered raycyst. For one thing it is written by a white person. Secondly it is written in English. And last it is written from a Xtian perspective. If you don't mind being a raycyst, feel free to listen to this audio. Blacks, whites and all races can be inspired by this evil Raycyst work written in a time when people didn't focus so much on race. Narrator was great.

I keep coming back for more.

(5 stars)

This is a profounly enjoyable and inspiring biographical filled with relatable human emotion. For a faithful believer this tome contains a tale of such exemplary significance for the Lover of Wisdom to draw upon, for self directed effort toward social engagement and social upliftment as a means to contribute to their local communities in service based in humbleness, sincerity, and sense of duty to DO the Greatest Good of which we are caple and to do even more.