Allan's Wife

Read by laineyben

(4.5 stars; 186 reviews)

The story of Allan Quatermain's wife and further adventures of Allan Quatermain. (Summary by Elaine Tweddle) (4 hr 49 min)


00 - Dedication 3:17 Read by laineyben
01 - Early Days 17:04 Read by laineyben
02- The Fire-Fight 20:28 Read by laineyben
03 - Northwards 23:38 Read by laineyben
04 - The Zulu Impi 23:11 Read by laineyben
05- The End of the Laager 25:35 Read by laineyben
06 - Stella 28:00 Read by laineyben
07 - The Baboon-Woman 17:58 Read by laineyben
08 - The Marble Kraals 16:35 Read by laineyben
09 - Let us go in, Allan! 17:00 Read by laineyben
10 - Hendrika Plots Evil 25:07 Read by laineyben
11 - Gone! 15:20 Read by laineyben
12 - The Magic of Indaba-Zimbi 20:27 Read by laineyben
13 - What Happened to Stella 17:01 Read by laineyben
14 - Fifteen Years After 18:37 Read by laineyben



(4 stars)

The early adventures of our friend mr. Quatermain are amazing stories and this version is beautifully told with an amazing voice and very skillfully managed to honor each persons voice and way of speaking.


(5 stars)

I've listened to all the Quatermain works on this site. They're all fine and this may be the best. A marvelous reading in particular makes it a great experience.

Great reader

(5 stars)

The reader for this novel was really good. It was a Ň£ypical Haggard story but the reader added another dimension to it.

(1.5 stars)

Love the story; was not a fan of the reading. While I like laineybens enthusiasm I found her voices very hard to understand.

(5 stars)

A bit sad but most enjoyable made even better by the reader who is wonderful.

Allans Wife

(5 stars)

Exciting and so sad of an ending ! On to the next story

(5 stars)

Easily the saddest story yet. But so much of who AQ is gets explained

great read!

(5 stars)

Love H Rider Haggard stories, and Lainey Ben’s amazing narrations.