Five Little Peppers Abroad

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.2 stars; 136 reviews)

This book is the next in the series of the Five Little Peppers, by Margaret Sidney, after Five Little Peppers and How They Grew and Five Little Peppers Midway. It continues the series where Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie, and Phronsie get to travel abroad in Europe! (Summary by Chelsea) (8 hr 37 min)


Preface 2:16 Read by Elli
Over the Ocean 13:03 Read by Elli
Two English Friends 14:51 Read by Elli
Phronsie Goes Visiting 17:54 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
Steamer Life 18:13 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
A Fish Story and Other Things 15:07 Read by Ted Nugent
A Little Surprise 13:08 Read by Arielle Lipshaw
Off for Holland 11:51 Read by Arielle Lipshaw
We Will Come Again and Stay a Week 21:36 Read by Diana Fast
A Box for the Pepper Boys 15:57 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
Danger 19:12 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
The Two Birthdays in Old Holland 28:52 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
The Henderson Box 17:09 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
The Cleanest Place in All Holland 17:12 Read by Linda Lee Paquet
The Island of Marken 13:08 Read by LilyAnne
Mr. King Does His Duty 16:44 Read by LilyAnne
Let Us Fly at Those Books 14:32 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
Polly Wrote a Nice Little Note 18:56 Read by cher0520
Bayreuth and Old Friends 19:56 Read by cher0520
Mr. King Has a Little Plan for Polly 23:10 Read by Cynthia Lyons (1946-2011)
'I Should Make Him Happy,' Said Phronsie 22:40 Read by Cynthia Lyons (1946-2011)
On the Rigi-Kulm 20:17 Read by Ryan Satterfield
Polly Tries to Help 18:11 Read by Linda McDaniel
In the Shadow of the Matterhorn 22:04 Read by Kathrin Salazar
The Round Robin 18:42 Read by Lisa Meyers
On the Mer de Glace 27:15 Read by Linda Velwest
Well, Here We Are In Paris! 19:08 Read by Denice Stradling
'I've Found Him!' Exclaimed Jasper 15:49 Read by Matt Sherman
'Well, I Got Him Here,' Said the Little Earl 20:53 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan


all the pepper books are worth the read

(5 stars)

Lovely Book!

(1.5 stars)

This was a perfectly lovely book! I would give the story itself five stars! But the readers were very bad. Only two or three of all of them were good readers. The first one was the very hardest to understand. I could only make out a few words here and there. It's too bad Librivox does not have any more versions of this lovely book. This one was a pain to listen to.

Oh my

(3.5 stars)

I don't mean to discourage you but only TWO Good readers in this book 😟 a great Author ever

enjoying the series

(4 stars)

I have seen the first book numerous times in antique shops and always knew the title but not read it growing up. Finding the series on here I decided it was high time I learn the contents. It's been lovely! I did find some difficulty in this recording at first like many in understanding the heavy (french?) accent; I tried the speed playback mode and adjusted it until it was easier to hear each word. This made a difference enough that I got through the chapters. Many of the readers are a bit more... tedious to listen to but not awful like some I've tried. I'm grateful for all their work in recording voluntarily for these free audiobooks though. This app has been used daily by my family for years now and we love it dearly. I have chronic illness and struggle with being able to read much. Listening to the books here has been so beneficial, a real joy and blessing to me in the years. Even in times I could hardly stand another poorly day unable to open my eyes for the pain. I could put on a loved book&rest.💓

Great Book

(4.5 stars)

I absolutely love this series. The trouble is that chapters 1&2 it’s super hard to understand what Elli is saying. I’m sorry, but that’s why I can’t rate it full star! Otherwise, great job!


(1 stars)

You are not able to understand this reader due to her strong accent.

(0.5 stars)

I could not understand the readers accent in chapters one and two.

Not so bad....The first reader is unintelligible. Good story.

(3 stars)