The House of Arden

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.4 stars; 93 reviews)

This novel describes how Edred and Elfrida Arden and their Aunt Edith embark on a treasure hunt through time - for the famous Arden family treasure. With help from the magical creature Mouldiwarp, they find a whole lot of excitement and adventure. They need to discover the missing fortune before Edred's tenth birthday - or it will never be theirs. (Summary by Neeru Iyer) (7 hr 36 min)


01 - Arden's Lord Part 1 19:39 Read by Elizabeth Klett
02 - Arden's Lord Part 2 22:14 Read by Elizabeth Klett
03 - The Mouldiwarp Part 1 20:29 Read by Elizabeth Klett
04 - The Mouldiwarp Part 2 18:19 Read by Elizabeth Klett
05 - In Boney's Times 26:22 Read by Elizabeth Klett
06 - The Landing of the French 19:44 Read by Sonja
07 - The Highwayman and the - 32:18 Read by Daphne Lee
08 - The Secret Panel 32:50 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
09 - The Key of the Parlour 31:38 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
10 - Guy Fawkes Part 1 18:40 Read by Sonja
11 - Guy Fawkes Part 2 17:26 Read by Sonja
12 - The Prisoners in the Tower 31:47 Read by Sonja
13 - White Wings and a Brownie 31:48 Read by Sonja
14 - Developments 21:28 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
15 - Developments 23:02 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
16 - Films and Clouds 27:06 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
17 - May-Blossom and Pearls 25:36 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
18 - The Finding of the Treasure 36:02 Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)


This was an enchanting story . I traveled through time with the

(5 stars)


(5 stars)

This is the best book ever. I love E nesbits books and , I say boo to the bad reviewers.😝

Beyond good

(4.5 stars)

The perfection of the combination of a great tale with the silver tongued tones of a great bard, for the most best chapters ! For any one wanting to study narrative perfection you need only listen to a chapter being read by Lars and you will know without a doubt left over what perfection truly is in any language! I will miss his rare talent being amongst us every day !!! All my best wishes go out to his family, and to all the LibriVox world, that such a dear person has undertaken the final adventure of life!

Just okay story - good narration though

(3 stars)

I had a hard time rating this story. I thought it started off well, it held my interest and I was curious about what would happen. Then when the children kept traveling back and forth through time it got a bit repetitive and I lost interest. The last chapter was pretty good, but even the last chapter was hard to get through. I would say fast forward through all the mouldywarp adventures. I liked the narration it was Elizabeth Klett, Sonja and Lars Rolander all who have voices well suited to a fairy tale like story.

I'm so lost!

(3 stars)

I'm on chapter 12 and have no idea what's going on. Please, please let volunteers who don't speak English as their native language read books in their own native language. Because so often, when people like Zanya try to read English and speak it accurately, it's as if the whole chapter might as well be missing, which makes the book unable to be read...or in this case, listened to.

(3 stars)

I enjoyed the plot of the book, but sadly the audiobook was slightly spoiled for me by the reading of Zonya (not sure of the spelling), as I couldn't understand half of the time what she was saying ;/

Cute story

(5 stars)

Very cute story. It was very interesting to hear Dracula narrate the story. Their accent made the story very interesting I loved it! I wish they narrator more chapters.

Good Story

(4 stars)

progressing chapters are dull and their narrators are not so great. I couldn't find the sequel in librivox sadly. I prefer the sequel to the first book personally.