The Creature from Cleveland Depths

Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)

(4.2 stars; 106 reviews)

(1 hr 48 min)


1 - The Creature from Cleveland Depths 56:43 Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)
2 - The Creature from Cleveland Depths 51:51 Read by Gregg Margarite (1957-2012)


Decent story, good reading

(3 stars)

This science fiction story is quite funny. It struck me as slow and predictable compared to most of the contemporary sci-fi I've read, and a little dated (the use of the word "midget" for example), but still very enjoyable. (And if your Tivo and iPhone apps run your life, it might give you pause.) I think I've listened to some of Gregg Margarite's other recordings. He always gives a solid reading with good sound quality, and this is no exception. I think his voice is quite appropriate to the main character too.


(5 stars)

I marvel at the predictive insights of some scifi stories, this book is conceptually really scary and predictive of what might happen with time. I like the technological and social concepts in this book as well as the dystopic(or realistic!) vision of the future. I wonder if something like "the tickler" will be the cellphone's progeny......good litle book, I can't believe it's from 1962....

(4 stars)

I'm not oblivious to the irony of having listened to this on my smartphone whilst walking the streets. Thankfully my 'tickler' doesn't weigh 28 pounds. This story kind of seems like a mid twentieth century 'Black Mirror' , some eerie prescience regarding the smartphone like interlinked 'ticklers' ..worth a listen. The ending perhaps tied things up too neatly and briefly.

Neat story

(5 stars)

This is almost a precursor to iRobot, IMHO. People are always forgetting things; chores, medicine, when to go to bed. So the Tickler is invented to help people remember. It is so easy to use, just hook it up to your brain and do what it tells you to do. Let's just hope it doesn't become sentient, eh? Well read story, really creepy, neat ending. Enjoy!

seems a bit prophetic

(4 stars)

Libra like all good Sci-Fi writers seems to be a bit of a paranoid prophet. makes you wonder when the Facebook hive mind will try to take over and make us like it. story was well written excellently narrated with a good Pace to it.

(3 stars)

a good case for the thinking of when left unchecked technology could potentially take over. especially when it's made with the best of intentions. and I hate to say it but everybody has a tickler held up to their ear and in their face every single day.

(4 stars)

could be the prelude to the Matrix! or a clever bit of satire on mobile phones.


(4 stars)

An original and humorous short story. Well read and made the story all the better.