Resurrection, Book 2

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Resurrection is the last of Tolstoy's major fiction works published in his lifetime. Tolstoy intended the novel as an exposition of injustice of man-made laws and the hypocrisy of institutionalized church. It was first published serially in the magazine Niva as an effort to raise funds for the resettlement of the Dukhobors. The story concerns a nobleman named Nekhlyudov, who seeks redemption for a sin committed years earlier. His brief affair with a maid resulted in her being fired and ending up in prostitution. The book treats his attempts to help her out of her current misery, but also focuses on his personal mental and moral struggle.(Summary from Wikipedia) (7 hr 35 min)


01 - Property in Land 14:31 Read by David Cole
02 - Efforts at Land Restoration 10:11 Read by David Cole
03 - Old Associations 7:09 Read by David Cole
04 - The Peasants' Lot 10:27 Read by David Cole
05 - Maslova's Aunt 9:28 Read by David Cole
06 - Reflections of a Landlord 14:20 Read by David Cole
07 - The Disinherited 8:47 Read by David Cole
08 - God's Peace in the Heart 9:13 Read by David Cole
09 - The Land Settlement 14:24 Read by Phil Griffiths
10 - Nekhludoff Returns to Town 10:42 Read by Phil Griffiths
11 - An Advocate's Views on Judges and Prosecutors 6:19 Read by Phil Griffiths
12 - Why the Peasants Flock to Town 6:18 Read by David Cole
13 - Nurse Maslova 14:00 Read by David Cole
14 - An Aristocratic Circle 14:03 Read by David Cole
15 - An Average Statesman 12:58 Read by David Cole
16 - An Up-to-date Senator 9:57 Read by Phil Griffiths
17 - Countess Katerina Ivanovna's Dinner Party 8:01 Read by Phil Griffiths
18 - Officialdom 8:11 Read by Phil Griffiths
19 - An Old General of Repute 15:50 Read by Phil Griffiths
20 - Maslova's Appeal 9:34 Read by Phil Griffiths
21 - The Appeal Dismissed 8:54 Read by Phil Griffiths
22 - An Old Friend 6:38 Read by Phil Griffiths
23 - The Public Prosecutor 9:51 Read by Phil Griffiths
24 - Mariette Tempts Nekhludoff 16:34 Read by Phil Griffiths
25 - Lydia Shoustova's Home 11:04 Read by Phil Griffiths
26 - Lydia's Aunt 4:42 Read by Phil Griffiths
27 - The State Church and the People 14:53 Read by Phil Griffiths
28 - The Meaning of Mariette's Attraction 10:08 Read by Phil Griffiths
29 - For Her Sake and for God's 14:14 Read by Phil Griffiths
30 - The Astonishing Institution Called Criminal Law 12:11 Read by Phil Griffiths
31 - Nekhludoff's Sister and Her Husband 6:54 Read by Phil Griffiths
32 - Nekhludoff's Anarchism 12:40 Read by Phil Griffiths
33 - The Aim of the Law 9:41 Read by Phil Griffiths
34 - The Prisoners Start for Siberia 12:51 Read by David Cole
35 - Not Men but Strange and Terrible Creatures? 9:11 Read by David Cole
36 - The Tender Mercies of the Lord 10:06 Read by Chris Caron
37 - Spilled Like Water on the Ground 10:43 Read by Chris Caron
38 - The Convict Train 8:31 Read by Phil Griffiths
39 - Brother and Sister 13:27 Read by Phil Griffiths
40 - The Fundamental Law of Human Life 11:07 Read by Phil Griffiths
41 - Taras's Story 16:08 Read by David Cole
42 - Le Vrai Grand Monde 11:01 Read by David Cole


Lost nothing of it's relevance

(5 stars)

In a time where protecting society is still all too often equated with being 'tough on crime' and locking people away instead of addressing the social causes of crime and treating the accused with dignity, Tolstoy's condemnation of the criminal justice system has lost nothing of it's relevance. The novel traces out how a system in which each person involved focuses on doing their job, disregarding any greater responsibility can lead to monstrous injustice.

There are adds in the recording

(3 stars)

They had adds periodicly throughout this book. I've never had adds in a LibriVox recording before so that was disappointing. The reading was decent. I'm thankful for the volunteers who read the books.

wonderful ! Thank you so much for sharing!

(5 stars)