Merry Clappum Junction

Read by Ruth Golding

(3.8 stars; 14 reviews)

This is a jolly little book about a little boy, a dog, a train and a house. But not an ordinary train, oh no, and not an ordinary house either! And there are songs, too. The Preface is short, dull and only for the grown-ups. (Summary by Ruth Golding) (1 hr 6 min)


0 - Preface 1:45 Read by Ruth Golding
1 - Chapter I: The Departure 11:47 Read by Ruth Golding
2 - Chapter II: Isle of Dogs 4:56 Read by Ruth Golding
3 - Chapter III: Clappum Junction 6:39 Read by Ruth Golding
4 - Chapter IV: Half an Hour for Breakfast 9:21 Read by Ruth Golding
5 - Chapter V: The Council of Beasts 8:17 Read by Ruth Golding
6 - Chapter VI: Across England in the Air 3:15 Read by Ruth Golding
7 - Chapter VII: The House that Jack Built 14:39 Read by Ruth Golding
8 - Chapter VIII: A Mysterious Disappearance 5:57 Read by Ruth Golding



(4 stars)

This was a unusual story both in its plot and presentation. It's a fun story with lots of nonsense and impossible situations that you tend only to find in classic children's fantasy. But what makes this book stand out is that it is musically interactive. I find this quite surprising in a book that was written one hundred years ago. I can't imagine a better narration of this book than Ruth Golding's rendition. Her reading, music and singing brought this creative and imaginative story to life and I'm sure it will be enjoyed by many young listeners.

Not a classic, but entertaining

(3 stars)

Ruth Golding makes every story engaging. This one doesn’t have much of a narrative arc, but it is an amusing little flight of fancy.

Fun Adventure

(5 stars)

The characters, the storylines, and Miss Golding's reading were delightful!


(1 stars)

Please, dear, Ruth Golding, won't you lend your lovely voice and talents to more E. Nesbit stories?