Idle Ideas in 1905

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Back in 1905 Jerome K. Jerome shared his thoughts on a variety of subjects, including "Should Women Be Beautiful?", "Should Soldiers Be Polite?" and "Is The American Husband Made Entirely Of Stained Glass?". Each subject is analysed and commented on in the witty and satirical style we've grown to expect from the author. (5 hr 19 min)


01 - Are We As Interesting As We Think We Are? 16:07 Read by StephenC
02 - Should Women Be Beautiful? 13:43 Read by Peter Yearsley
03 - When Is The Best Time To Be Merry? 18:29 Read by Peter Yearsley
04 - Do We Lie A-Bed Too Late? 16:00 Read by Peter Yearsley
05 - Should Married Men Play Golf? 14:25 Read by Peter Yearsley
06 - Are Early Marriages A Mistake? 15:04 Read by Peter Yearsley
07 - Do Writers Write Too Much? 15:52 Read by Matt Sherman
08 - Should Soldiers Be Polite? 17:47 Read by Roger Clifton
09 - Ought Stories To Be True? 19:45 Read by Anna Simon
10 - Creatures That One Day Shall Be Men 17:40 Read by ChristianP
11 - How To Be Happy Though Little 16:06 Read by Roger Clifton
12 - Should We Say What We Think, Or Think What We Say? 15:19 Read by Julie VW
13 - Is The American Husband Made Entirely Of Stained Glass 15:12 Read by Julie VW
14 - Does The Young Man Know Everything Worth Knowing? 12:27 Read by Eric Leach
15 - How Many Charms Hath Music, Would You Say? 12:21 Read by Kalynda
16 - The white man's burden! Need it be so heavy? 12:41 Read by Eric Leach
17 - Why Didn't He Marry The Girl? 15:06 Read by Julie VW
18 - What Mrs. Wilkins thought about it 14:46 Read by Richard Kilmer
19 - Shall We Be Ruined By Chinese Cheap Labour? 11:28 Read by Jason Mills
20 - How To Solve The Servant Problem 11:22 Read by Eric Leach
21 - Why We Hate The Foreigner 17:42 Read by Roger Clifton