The Raven

Read by Chris Goringe

(4.5 stars; 1429 reviews)

Perhaps Edgar Allen Poe's most famous poem, the "Raven" is a macabre exploration of a man, his memories of Lenore, and the black bird that interrupts his studies on a dark December night, with tap-tap-tapping at his chamber door. (Summary by Hugh) (0 hr 9 min)


The Raven 9:30 Read by Chris Goringe


So its said, it is So. Our darkened friend Edgar Allen Poe.

(5 stars)

What a sweet bedtime read. I sleep so deep awaiting the arrival of the day , It's a rhythm and the rhyme. That's what way thus Raven did say... Lenore tis thus Evermore.

It was amazing!

(3.5 stars)

This is my first time reading/listening to Edgar Allan Poe work. And I am already hooked. I'll be picking up one of his poetry again soon. The writing itself is phenomenal, each words is placed carefully to convey every emotions and story in such a way it rolled off the tongue easily. The narrator did a good job at conveying the emotions, but a better mic would be excellent.

Reader has a Good Voice

(5 stars)

It can be hard to find a reader who does not over act. This reader is natural and carries the words as I imagine they were meant to be read and said.

(5 stars)

Refined Dictation: Clear & Enjoyable. English accent. Almost dead on to how I blend the lines into full sentences and evoke a story instead of patterned lines of rhythm.

(5 stars)

I have heard very few readers read so beautifully. An amazing job by the reader and I hope to hear more of his from a fan ❤

(4 stars)

I don't read poems at all. i found this through a song called Oh Raven (Sing Me A Happy Song) by Unlike Pluto. And I became curious.

The Raven

(5 stars)

Nice pronunciation. Congrats! I would try to improve the acting, i.e., whispering Leonore instead of just uttering it. I do thank you for your time.


(5 stars)

The Shadow on the wall in the illustration, it is quite interesting. + a big fan of this poem, the reader does a fine job!