The Window at the White Cat

Read by Robert Keiper

(4.6 stars; 433 reviews)

When a clumsy, well-meaning lawyer gets involved with a pair of delightful old maids and a beautiful girl, he must acquire some of the skills of his friends the detective and the newspaperman to solve the puzzle of The White Cat. That’s the name of a back-street political club serving beers, political favors and, occasionally, murder. (Introduction by Robert Keiper) (6 hr 50 min)


Sentiment and Clues 21:24 Read by Robert Keiper
Uneasy Apprehensions 14:25 Read by Robert Keiper
Ninety-eight Pearls 21:49 Read by Robert Keiper
A Thief in the Night 16:08 Read by Robert Keiper
Little Miss Jane 19:10 Read by Robert Keiper
A Fountain Pen 14:46 Read by Robert Keiper
Concerning Margery 15:42 Read by Robert Keiper
Too Late 13:42 Read by Robert Keiper
Only One Eye Closed 17:43 Read by Robert Keiper
Breaking the News 25:24 Read by Robert Keiper
A Night in the Fleming Home 18:43 Read by Robert Keiper
My Commission 16:01 Read by Robert Keiper
Sizzling Metal 17:50 Read by Robert Keiper
A Walk in the Park 14:24 Read by Robert Keiper
Find the Woman 13:04 Read by Robert Keiper
Eleven Twenty-Two Again 9:03 Read by Robert Keiper
His Second Wife 14:17 Read by Robert Keiper
Edith's Cousin 15:23 Read by Robert Keiper
Back to Bellwood 18:02 Read by Robert Keiper
Association of Ideas 18:22 Read by Robert Keiper
A Proscenium Box 13:59 Read by Robert Keiper
In the Room Over the Way 9:43 Read by Robert Keiper
A Box of Crown Derby 14:09 Read by Robert Keiper
Wardrop's Story 11:50 Read by Robert Keiper
Measure for Measure 15:36 Read by Robert Keiper
Lovers and a Letter 9:46 Read by Robert Keiper


Listen to this one

(5 stars)

I truly enjoyed this book. Glad I read the reviews before I listened to the book. I paid attention and didn't just casually listen. Consequently, the twists and turns made sense. The narrator is very talented. His voices all work well except for the "irritating hillbilly" voice used on a few characters. I listened in 2 sittings as I didn't want to put it down.

I LOVE this story!

(5 stars)

A good old mystery with comedic parts/lines is my favorite kind of story. This is that with a small touch of romance thrown in. There are multiple mysteries to figure out but they aren't too numerous nor too difficult to follow. There are a bunch of names to keep track of & for a moment I did forget who was who a couple of times. This is typical of me though. I just kept listening & the story reminded me. Although politics are involved this subject isn't gone into at depth. You discover there are politicians that have taken money and there are papers to prove this. Many go to a club to hang out which is where part of the title comes from. That's the extent of the politics, thankfully! Murder, thievery, revenge, & romance are the main focus. Even if the reader wasn't excellent I would've loved this story. Yes, the hillbilly voice was hard to take but at least he gave different voices to each character which helped me to keep better track of them. The reader made an already addictive story even better.

Good story, good reader!

(5 stars)

Marjorie Fleming enters the office of Mr Knox, seeking help in finding her missing father. Mr Knox, a lawyer, agrees to help her. Unfortunately he finds Mr. Fleming a bit too late; only moments after he is shot at the White Cat club. What ensues afterward is a bunch of twisty-turns. There are break-ins in the middle of the night. Money goes missing, pearls go missing, people go missing, and in the middle of it is Mr Knox trying to sort it all out. Who is guilty? The reader is great, he does a great job with voices, and he is a very enthusiastic reader. I enjoyed this story immensely.

So many twists and turns it makes you dizzy

(4 stars)

This story was good, many twists and will keep you guessing. At times I thought it was a bit too convoluted but it was good, the story overall, was maybe a 4. The reader however, is vastly entertaining if not for his wonderful narration I probably would have given up on this one half way through. Wonderful Job!

Great Mystery

(5 stars)

I do so love a Flawed Hero...a Mysterious Lady love, and numerous characters throwing kinks in the best laid plans...Mary Roberts Rinehart, was indeed an Author with a delightful array of stories to tell.

(4.5 stars)

Enjoyed this audio very much. A mystery with a little bit of a love story. Plus I really liked the reader.

loved it

(5 stars)

I was hooked quickly by this story because of it's intricate plot and animated reading. 5 stars. well done.

intriguing title

(5 stars)

Another excellent mystery by the Ms. Rinehart! I found the ending to be totally unexpected. The author does an excellent job of creating so many potential suspects, and most of the time it is a total surprise to me! Much of my enjoyment of mysteries, is trying to figure out Whodunnit!! ( please excuse the technical difficulty writing this review. having editing issues.) I think it is harder to figure out ahead of time, or even think you know who it is, with the books by this author then it is with Agatha Christie books. I have enjoyed reading both authors for several years. for me, I have a more difficult time knowing who to suspect even, with this author! Robert Keiper did a superb job with his narration.