The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Read by Kristin LeMoine

(4.4 stars; 159 reviews)

For killing an albatross, the mariner and his crew are punished with drought and death. Amidst a series of supernatural events, the mariner's life alone is spared and he repents, but he must wander the earth and tell his tale with the lesson that "all things great and small" are important.
(Summary written by Gesine) (0 hr 31 min)


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 31:06 Read by Kristin LeMoine


great classic

(5 stars)

Clearly read and great emphasis when needed. This is a classic that I read every few years, but listening was a nice experience, almost like listening to the story for the first time.

great reading

(5 stars)

great diction and flow, fittingly dramatic, voices that are distinct and entertaining. A short and gripping tale that packs some gasps as well

lovely reading

(5 stars)

Followed the rhythm of the writing perfectly. Lovely voice. Very lovely classic poem. :)

One of the greatest poem in the English literary tradition.

(4 stars)

The narrator does an excellent job in presenting the text in a clear voice with a neutral accent. This reading is great for literature students trying to find extra time during the day or for anyone curious about the lake poets.

(5 stars)

Wonderfully read I thank you so much for your care of these words and your presentation very well done. Excellent my dear.

nice read of a classic tale

(4 stars)

I’m a huge fan of this work. The read was good and flowed well. Thank you!

(5 stars)

I'm in awe. It's dreamy, nightmarish and supernatural. It's also a classic heroes journey. Well read and very well worth a listen.

Love well

(4 stars)

I listened twice before. I heard the truth.He loves well who loves all things great an small.