The Golden Snare

Read by Roger Melin

(4.6 stars; 145 reviews)

With but two years of service in the RNMP Philip Raine finds himself somewhat unwillingly on the trail of Bram Johnson, wanted for murder and a wild, untamed and savage man who commands a pack of wolves as his brethren.
But most peculiar of all is the snare which Bram had had in his possession and had somehow lost. It was a golden snare intricately woven out of the finest, most delicate flaxen hair of a woman. But what could possibly be the relationship between this half-human murderer and a woman who could have borne a crown of such beauty and elegance? The mystery of Bram Johnson and his wolves and the golden snare becomes one which Raine feels compelled to unravel even as he pursues the wild man and his pack among his own territory of the Canadian barren lands.
(Summary by Roger Melin) (6 hr 22 min)


01 - Chapter 1 9:56 Read by Roger Melin
02 - Chapter 2 9:46 Read by Roger Melin
03 - Chapter 3 8:49 Read by Roger Melin
04 - Chapter 4 12:46 Read by Roger Melin
05 - Chapter 5 15:33 Read by Roger Melin
06 - Chapter 6 20:37 Read by Roger Melin
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enjoyed it

(4 stars)

I think the author is more talented than most I've come across on librivox and I enjoyed the book. However, be forewarned that he has a fetish with women's hair and some distributing preferences. His characters are always men in their mid to late 30s who fall in love with a young woman around 20. He thrills in calling her "little girl", in having complete possession of her (because her life is in danger and only he can save her, so he considers that sufficient reason to own her soul and body). He repeatedly gets an erotic high off of her total surrender and obedience. And, of course, they always fall in love while barely knowing the first thing about each other (other than that she's gorgeous, dependent, and still a "girl"). Wouldn't want to meet him in real life (or have him date my daughter), but he does know how to write an interesting plot with fleshed-out characters.

(5 stars)

Be warned that this book includes racist concepts, such as mongrelization and evolutionary degeneration among “half-breeds.” Common in this author and in this period.

very JOC

(4 stars)

Yep! Definitely obsessed with women's hair. Every book of his featuring a woman/women contains detailed descriptions of The Hair, and its mysterious effect on the hero. And of course the typical older man and helpless younger girl-woman, who is mastered by the power of his personality. I doubt his heros would last a day with any sane woman of today. This being said, JOC is a brilliant writer, and I enjoy his knowledge and descriptions of the North. Good, entertaining story. The reader is absolutely my favourite... so easy to listen to, and perfectly paced.

Good story

(4 stars)

The summary covers the plot. For some reason, I found the hero of this story a bit irritating, as he ignored his intuition and plowed ahead in dangerous situations. But overall the story is good, and ends well. The main theme is the romance between Phillip and Celeste, but the secondary theme of the mystery of the wild man is good and has some good twists at the end. Roger is an excellent reader, and he does his usual fine job. Recording quality is likewise excellent.

A rather different kind of story yet enjoyable

(4 stars)

at the beginning of this book, I wasn't going to finish it. Seemed slow and boring but I came back. Although rather theatrical, a good story of life in the frozen north.


(4.5 stars)

My first experience with Curwood, and it was most enjoyable. The story was first rate, with lucid descritions, but no wasted words. The reading of Mr. Melin was a definite plus; thank you.

A Very Interesting Character

(5 stars)

Curwood supplies us with a very interesting character that you don't know is good or bad. Kept me interested through the entire story.

Love the Gold ..

(5 stars)

Yet another , Love story without words .. quite entertaining ... thanks for you precious time Roger ...