Off-Hand Sketches

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(4.2 stars; 2 reviews)

The reader cannot but smile at some of the phases of life presented in this volume. Yet the smile will, in no case, the author thinks, be at the expense of humanity, good feeling, or virtue. Many of the incidents given, are facts embellished by a few touches of fancy. In all, lessons may be read that some, at least, will do well to lay to heart. (Summary by the author) (5 hr 2 min)


01 Preface and The Circuit-Preacher 25:37 Read by TriciaG
02 The Protest 16:09 Read by Rosie
03 Retrenchment; Or, What A Man Saved By Stopping His Newspaper 16:12 Read by Debra Lynn
04 Hunting Up A Testimonial 9:23 Read by Diana Majlinger
05 Trying To Be A Gentleman 11:05 Read by Tom Barron
06 Taking A Prescription 8:59 Read by Robert Parker
07 The Yankee And The Dutchman; Or, I'll Give Or Take 14:29 Read by Tom Barron
08 A Tipsy Parson 11:59 Read by mevans
09 Much Ado About Nothing; Or, The Reason Why Mrs. Todd Didn't Speak To Mrs. Jo… 17:18 Read by Rosie
10 Almost A Tragedy 22:08 Read by Robert Parker
11 That John Mason 18:14 Read by Sandra Estenson
12 A New Way To Collect An Old Debt 26:50 Read by Robert Parker
13 A Shocking Bad Memory 11:09 Read by Debra Lynn
14 Driving A Hard Bargain 13:45 Read by Sandra Estenson
15 Out Of The Frying-Pan Into The Fire; Or, The Love Of A House 13:07 Read by Debra Lynn
16 Marrying A Count 19:15 Read by Kalynda
17 Job's Comforters; Or, The Lady With Nerves 22:15 Read by MaryAnn
18 The Code Of Honour 12:20 Read by Tom Barron
19 Treating A Case Actively. A Physician's Story. 12:20 Read by Tom Barron