The Song of Hugh Glass

Read by Nathan

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This poem tells a story that begins in 1823 - just after the Leavenworth campaign against the Arikara Indians - and follows an expedition of Major Andrew Henry during a series of arduous journeys over the Trans-Missouri region.

The poem focuses upon the relationship between two trappers - Hugh Glass and Jamie - who, after fighting and hunting together, consequently develop a close friendship. The poem revolves around the betrayal of Hugh by Jamie: who leaves Hugh alone "as good as dead" to die by the Missouri. But Hugh lives - and recovers against all odds, pushing on with murderous intent to track down the ex-friend who left him helpless and expiring.

The final canto describes the moving denouement: Hugh and Jamie both are forced to recognize their own weaknesses, and then come to terms with the implications of their individual realizations.

(Introduction by Godsend) (2 hr 21 min)


Graybeard and Goldhair 29:37 Read by Nathan
The Awakening 11:55 Read by Nathan
The Crawl 1:03:56 Read by Nathan
The Return of the Ghost 16:22 Read by Nathan
Jamie 19:35 Read by Nathan


Riveting story of an incredible mountain man.

(5 stars)

This story was loosely translated into The Revenant. They should have followed these descriptions instead.