Resurrection, Book 3

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Resurrection is the last of Tolstoy's major fiction works published in his lifetime. Tolstoy intended the novel as an exposition of injustice of man-made laws and the hypocrisy of institutionalized church. It was first published serially in the magazine Niva as an effort to raise funds for the resettlement of the Dukhobors. The story concerns a nobleman named Nekhlyudov, who seeks redemption for a sin committed years earlier. His brief affair with a maid resulted in her being fired and ending up in prostitution. The book treats his attempts to help her out of her current misery, but also focuses on his personal mental and moral struggle.(Summary from Wikipedia) (4 hr 0 min)


01 - Maslova Makes New Friends 6:54 Read by Phil Griffiths
02 - An Incident of the March 6:02 Read by Phil Griffiths
03 - Mary Pavlovna 6:10 Read by Phil Griffiths
04 - Simonson 6:45 Read by Phil Griffiths
05 - The Political Prisoners 10:15 Read by Phil Griffiths
06 - Kryltzoff's Story 11:40 Read by Phil Griffiths
07 - Nekhludoff Seeks an Interview with Maslova 6:52 Read by David Cole
08 - Nekhludoff and the Officer 9:27 Read by David Cole
09 - The Political Prisoners 5:59 Read by David Cole
10 - Makar Devkin 5:08 Read by David Cole
11 - Maslova and her Companions 9:07 Read by David Cole
12 - Nabatoff and Markel 14:02 Read by David Cole
13 - Love Affairs of the Exiles 6:46 Read by David Cole
14 - Conversations in Prison 6:10 Read by David Cole
15 - Novodvoroff 6:02 Read by David Cole
16 - Simonson Speaks to Nekhludoff 8:54 Read by David Cole
17 - "I Have Nothing More to Say." 6:22 Read by David Cole
18 - Neveroff's Fate 8:03 Read by David Cole
19 - Why is it Done? 13:38 Read by David Cole
20 - The Journey Resumed 9:41 Read by David Cole
21 - "Just a Worthless Tramp." 7:35 Read by David Cole
22 - Nekhludoff Sees the General 11:09 Read by David Cole
23 - The Sentence Commuted 8:24 Read by David Cole
24 - The General's Household 13:41 Read by David Cole
25 - Maslova's Decision 8:56 Read by David Cole
26 - The English Visitor 5:02 Read by David Cole
27 - Kryltzoff at Rest 6:54 Read by Phil Griffiths
28 - A New Life Dawns for Nekhludoff 15:05 Read by Phil Griffiths


Great read

(5 stars)

This book was definitely better than I thought it was very well written even though the story slows down a bit but it's the patience of actually understanding the concept behind his writing

(5 stars)

This was a very good book but seems to be left unfinished. I enjoyed it though and found the readers quote good although at times a bit quiet. excellent job overall top all the volunteers!

Tolstoy 's moral philosophy

(5 stars)

The tale of a man's journey through life presenting Tolstoy's moral philosophy in old age. Beautifully read and much appreciated. Thanks to all.

(4 stars)

Absolutely amazing novel thank you LibriVox thanks readers you have been my inspiring driving companions for weeks now

Great book & readers! Thank you so much!!

(5 stars)