Malcolm Sage, Detective

Read by Anna Simon

(4.5 stars; 209 reviews)

A collection of short stories that chronicles the first year of the Malcolm Sage Detective Bureau.

Sequel or companion story of John Dene of Toronto (6 hr 24 min)


01 - Sir John Dene Receives His Orders 17:20 Read by Anna Simon
02 - The Strange Case of Mr. Challoner 27:16 Read by Anna Simon
03 - Malcolm Sage's Mysterious Movements 17:10 Read by Anna Simon
04 - The Surrey Cattle-Maiming Mystery 25:43 Read by Anna Simon
05 - Inspector Wensdale Is Surprised 18:02 Read by Anna Simon
06 - The Stolen Admiralty Memorandum 29:37 Read by Anna Simon
07 - The Outrage at the Garage 26:46 Read by Anna Simon
08 - Gladys Norman Dines with Thompson 17:00 Read by Anna Simon
09 - The Holding Up of Lady Glanedale 22:26 Read by Anna Simon
10 - A Lesson in Deduction 12:53 Read by Anna Simon
11 - The McMurray Mystery 28:18 Read by Anna Simon
12 - The Marmalade Clue 26:23 Read by Anna Simon
13 - The Gylston Slander 19:08 Read by Anna Simon
14 - Malcolm Sage Plays Patience 25:39 Read by Anna Simon
15 - The Missing Heavyweight 37:25 Read by Anna Simon
16 - The Great Fight at the Olympia 25:12 Read by Anna Simon
17 - Lady Dene Calls on Malcolm Sage 8:19 Read by Anna Simon


Fairly good set of stories

(3.5 stars)

This was a fairly good set of detective stories in the style of Sherlock Holmes. Stick with it through the first set-up chapter and you'll be pleased. This Librivox volunteer reader is excellent!

(5 stars)

Oh nooooo! I didn't want it to end! What a nice wonky detective and what a wonderful reader.

(5 stars)

Very well read. I love Anna Simon's readings. The character of Malcom Sage was hard to picture though the author tried hard. Overall not the best but The stories were interesting.

Well read stories

(5 stars)

Very entertaining. After the set-up in the initial chapters, each short story is told in 1-2 chapters. Very well read by the Librivox volunteer, such a pleasure to listen to.

Oh how I enjoyed this...

(5 stars)

What a joy to find a author I've not known of before. Love the writing, the characters and the reader! Looking for more by this author!!

(4 stars)

The reader is excellent and and to the enjoyment of the work. As with all old text be aware of attitudes expressed that are no longer acceptable.

(4 stars)

I enjoyed most of the stories. While the reader speaks English well she does so way too fast making me unable to understand some parts.


(4.5 stars)

Collection of linked short stories with good secondary characters, lots of humour, and interesting mysteries. Well read. What more could you want?