Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1896 to 1901

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(4.6 stars; 128 reviews)

Lucy Maud Montgomery was born at Clifton (now New London), Prince Edward Island, Canada, on November 30, 1874. She achieved international fame in her lifetime, putting Prince Edward Island and Canada on the world literary map. Best known for her "Anne of Green Gables" books, she was also a prolific writer of short stories and poetry. She published some 500 short stories and poems and twenty novels before her death in 1942. The Project Gutenberg collection of her short stories was gathered from numerous sources and is presented in chronological publishing order. (Summary by Project Gutenberg.)

Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1896 to 1901
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1902 to 1903
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1904
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1909 to 1922 (6 hr 26 min)


A Case of Trespass 20:20 Read by jedopi
A Christmas Inspiration 12:59 Read by Darcia Douglass
A Christmas Mistake 18:16 Read by TriciaG
A Strayed Allegiance 36:32 Read by rashada
An Invitation Given on Impulse 16:12 Read by Jo Karabasz
Detected by the Camera 13:12 Read by Piper Hale
In Spite of Myself 22:29 Read by Maria Therese
Kismet 13:45 Read by Jo Karabasz
Lillian's Business Venture 10:09 Read by Andrea Keene
Miriam's Lover 15:00 Read by Courtney Parker Sandhu
Miss Calista's Peppermint Bottle 16:00 Read by SallyBoyce
The Jest that Failed 10:59 Read by Sarah Jennings
The Pennington's Girl 23:04 Read by Jo Karabasz
The Red Room 28:30 Read by Anna-Lisa Ott
The Setness of Theodosia 25:15 Read by TriciaG
The Story of An Invitation 7:59 Read by Sarah Jennings
The Touch of Fate 19:51 Read by Maria Therese
The Waking of Helen 20:37 Read by jedopi
The Way of Winning Anne 17:08 Read by Andrea Keene
Young Si 38:29 Read by Nicole Kay


Great stories

(4 stars)

The works of Montgomery are always a source of delight, and this is no exception. Some story plots seem to be a bit overused, but still have the magic. I especially like 'Miriam's Lover', 'The Jest That Failed' and 'The Red Room'. The readers to these are quite good. But, I cannot say the same for all of them. But then, this isn't Karen Savage. One has to get used to different audios and voices, but, overall, good recording and quality.

(3 stars)

Tricia G has a voice that is very hard to listen to. She has an edge at the end of each sentence that can be quite intolerable. I've notice in Anne of the Island and the Christmas Mistake on this audio.

Could be better

(3 stars)

Recent studies show that audio books aid with pain. I've known this for long. I've listened to L. M. Montgomery's works over and over to distract me from chronic pain. However, many of these readers are difficult to listen to, unlike the ever-pleasant Karen Savage. Some readers tend to mumble, while others have odd cadences, their voices raising at the end of each breath to make it sound as if the text is full of questions.


(5 stars)

A wonderful collection of well written stories from a talented author. There is a wide range of genres and topics to delight any listener, from romance to ghost stories. Most of the readers do an excellent job, and none of them were so bad as to render the listening experience distasteful. Overall a great audiobook; highly recommended!!

(4 stars)

Nice short stories by a author I enjoy listening to her works. I find all her works very uplifting and enjoyable to listen to. Readers were all good and was just a pleasant exprience. Thanks for this collection. Well worth listening to.

(4 stars)

Interesting read. I hadn't heard many of these stories yet. There were a few I didn't love but it was all very Montgomery. The readers were pretty good. The last story was very quiet though.

great dishwashing stories.

(4 stars)

a collection of short stories from the Canadian perspective, idealistic love set in the Canadian small town working folks. a forerunner of Anne of Green Gables. well read.

Loved it

(5 stars)

Such great stories. Appreciate the work the readers did to make this available.