Evelina's Garden

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(4.4 stars; 32 reviews)

This is a long short story from 1899, approximately 95 minutes more or less, about a mysterious woman living virtually alone on the outskirts of a small New England town in a mansion with a magnificent garden. (Introduction by BellonaTimes) (1 hr 51 min)


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(3 stars)

Written in the classical sentimental style of Victorian novelists, utter drivel, but entertaining nonetheless and thank goodness for a happy ending, although I thought they'd never get there for a while!!! Nicely read, too ... thank you.

Short tale

(5 stars)

What will happen when Evelina Adams's young cousin comes to the small town where she's secluded herself for years after a disappointment in love? Is the young Evelina doomed to her own disappointment? Excellently narrated.

A Good Love Story

(5 stars)

This is a very pleasant and sweet love story. The reading is excellent.

(4.5 stars)

A sweet story. The narrator is sometimes staccato in his cadence but I enjoyed it, overall.

(3.5 stars)

Drawn out plot. Became predictable. Read Frances Burny’s Evelin.

Evelina's Garden

(5 stars)

Beautiful story and excellent reading. Thank you.

comes together well

(5 stars)

good good good