Tempest and Sunshine

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(3.7 stars; 27 reviews)

Tempest and Sunshine is the first book written by Mary Jane Holmes. Set in the pre-Civil War south, it follows the struggles and romances of two sisters, as different as night and day; blonde Fanny and dark haired Julia. (Introduction by jedopi) (10 hr 32 min)


01 - Mr. Wilmot Arrives At Mr. Middleton’s 26:55 Read by jedopi
02 - Getting Up A Subscription School 33:40 Read by jedopi
03 - Resulting In A Betrothal And A Tempest 20:59 Read by jedopi
04 - Dr. Lacey Appears Upon The Scene 30:31 Read by jedopi
05 - The Fatal Letter 28:14 Read by jedopi
06 - Sunshine Has Two Graves Upon Which To Plant Flowers 29:51 Read by jedopi
07 - Julia’s Plot To Break Fanny’s Engagement 18:22 Read by jedopi
08 - Mr. Middleton Has More Callers From New York 26:25 Read by jedopi
09 - The Resemblance Of The Cousins 15:10 Read by jedopi
10 - Tempest Forges A Letter And Its Results 35:48 Read by jedopi
11 - A Glance At New Orleans Society 25:18 Read by jedopi
12 - The Letter That Was Not Delivered 22:44 Read by jedopi
13 - Letters Written But Never Received 20:38 Read by jedopi
14 - Fanny And Julia’s Uncle Arrives From India 25:59 Read by Sweetlilbirdy
15 - Mr. Middleton’s Brother 36:07 Read by Sweetlilbirdy
16 - Fanny Refuses To Go To New Orleans 24:12 Read by Amanda Friday
17 - Fanny Middleton Arrives In New York 21:58 Read by Amanda Friday
18 - Fanny Welcomed By Mrs. Cameron 21:33 Read by Amanda Friday
19 - Julia Announces Her Engagement To Dr. Lacey 13:38 Read by Amanda Friday
20 - Rondeau Digs Up The Missing Letter 26:01 Read by Amanda Friday
21 - Stirring Events 36:53 Read by Elaine Webb
22 - Julia Is Found Drowned 39:56 Read by Elaine Webb
23 - Fanny’s Illness Leads To Her Father’s Repentance 17:31 Read by Ana Simão
24 - The Wedding 11:06 Read by Ana Simão
25 - The Wanderer 9:16 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
26 - Julia At Home Again 13:41 Read by Amanda Friday


so Scarlet O'Hara was not an original character!

(4 stars)

Great story! Great author! Would love to see more stories by same! The author treated slavery in a very honest way. Questioning it, while at the same time showing the realities of it. Could make a great movie, if tastefully treated with the input of the black community. Loved the personalities in this book!

(1 stars)

the reader changes around the 20th chapter and is horrible.

(1 stars)

It begins like a very nice story and gives you hope of an enjoyable plot... But as IT develops, IT frustrate you more and more. It seems like The autor enjoys immensely to tourment The good characters , along with The reader,. It plays with The characters like they are some stupid puppets. Not only gives Free hand to The bad ones to do their worst, but makes even The Providence to be on their part. I believe The bad end of the evil ones does not compensate for all The suffering of the good ones. In a nutshell : IT is highly frustraing !

(3 stars)

Now I know where soap operas source their scripts! I was delighted discover it was made into a film in 1914. Good story though not really to my taste.

(4.5 stars)

good narrative except for four chapters towards the end which is hard to understand. but getting pass that, this story is entertaining and keeps you wondering

(3 stars)

This was a good story as far as I kept wondering what was going to happen next. Clear readers.


(1 stars)

the accent /drama is ridiculous

good readers

(5 stars)

its quite a story!