The Outspan: Tales of South Africa

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(3.8 stars; 9 reviews)

Six poignant short stories reminiscent of life as a transport rider in the Transvaal veld in the days of the gold rush in South Africa at the end of the 19th century. From an early age Fitzpatrick believed that life should be enjoyed to the full and his honest and often moving style of writing leaves one richer for having known him. (Summary by SallyMc) (5 hr 26 min)


The Outspan 46:52 Read by SallyMc
Soltke 59:42 Read by SallyMc
Induna Nairn 1:08:36 Read by SallyMc
Cassidy 1:01:34 Read by SallyMc
The Pool 23:38 Read by SallyMc
Two Christmas Days 1:05:53 Read by SallyMc


(5 stars)

Excellent Book , Special thanks to the reader