The Other Side of the Door

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

(4.5 stars; 53 reviews)

It's 1865 in the city of San Francisco. Pretty, young Ellie Fenwick is walking to the market early one morning to surprise her father with some fresh mushrooms. As she passes a gambling house, she hears a gunshot and two young men emerge. One man falls dead on the pavement and the other is Johnny Montgomery, a handsome young man Ellie recognizes from seeing him previously at a dance. Johnny is holding a smoking pistol in his hand. This incident propels the proper young Ellie into a world of prisons and courtrooms as a murder trial unfolds and the fate of Johnny may rest with her testimony. But, what is the connection with the mysterious Spanish Woman, who lives in a grand house and supposedly has friends in 'high places'? Who else was in the gambling house at that time of the morning before it had opened? What about the whispered conversations between Ellie's father, Mr. Fenwick, and his friend, Mr. Bingley, a prominent attorney prosecuting the case? Things are not always what they may seem... (Introduction by Lee Ann Howlett) (4 hr 48 min)


00 - Prologue--The City 24:43 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
01 - The Basket of Mushrooms 8:13 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
02 - The Evidence 22:35 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
03 - The Rumors 22:38 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
04 - The First Day in Court 34:26 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
05 - The Second Day in Court 16:09 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
06 - The Spanish Woman's House 38:57 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
07 - The Refuge 21:13 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
08 - The Last Day of the Trial 31:19 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
09 - The Concealment 17:38 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
10 - A Light in the Dark 27:41 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
11 - The Lugger 18:30 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
12 - Epilogue--Two Years 4:19 Read by Lee Ann Howlett


Very good story

(5 stars)

The summary does a nice job of describing the story and plot, so no extra details required. The reader was very good, nice voice, easy to follow, and the recordings were all solid with no distracting noises. This is a great story. Enjoy!

Engaging mystery

(5 stars)

This is a wonderfully engaging mystery. It doesn't follow the usual formula, but focuses on Ellie's experiences as she must tell her story and in that process, the reader works through the mystery with her. I don't find the romance aspect improbable - Ellie has compassion on Johnny, and he clearly wants her to do the right thing, even to his personal detriment, so she can tell quite a bit about his character from that. Many people have fallen in love on less! Lee Ann does an excellent job narrating this solo project. And she also has an excellent studio/mike set up - there's no distortion in her voice, no echo, and no background noise. It's professional quality.

Narration Excellent... story not so sure

(4 stars)

First of all I love LeeAnn Howlett, she is a wonderful narrator and frankly I think her excellent narration kept me going through this story. The story itself is okay, I was a bit annoyed with the characters and really felt that Elly was like shrinking violet. Not really sure how you fall in love with someone the way she did, but maybe that is how they wrote love stories in those days. This story will keep you interested but only because LeeAnn narrates it well to keep you listening. Thanks for your excellent work!


(5 stars)

You discover at the end that this is a murder mystery. Can't say more w/o ruining the story. Very well done

(4 stars)

I like to know the complete ending....however this book only alluded to what may have become.....


(4.5 stars)

An interesting book though a little improbable. Beautifully read.

excellent mystery

(4.5 stars)

Great reader, and a great mystery story.

(3 stars)

Good until the ending. Too cliché. Great reading, though.