Master Flea

Read by Bob Neufeld

(4.3 stars; 48 reviews)

Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann (1776 – 1822), better known by his pen name E.T.A. Hoffmann (Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann), was a German Romantic author of fantasy and horror, a jurist, composer, music critic, draftsman and caricaturist. Hoffmann's stories were very influential during the 19th century, and he is one of the major authors of the Romantic movement.

He is the subject and hero of Jacques Offenbach's famous but fictional opera The Tales of Hoffmann, and the author of the novelette The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, on which the famous ballet The Nutcracker is based. The ballet Coppelia is based on two other stories that Hoffmann wrote. Also Schumann's Kreisleriana is based on one of Hoffmann's characters.
Master Flea was published in 1822. (Introduction by Wikipedia) (5 hr 23 min)


First Adventure Part 1 26:35 Read by Bob Neufeld
First Adventure Part 2 27:43 Read by Bob Neufeld
Second Adventure Part 1 27:07 Read by Bob Neufeld
Second Adventure Part 2 17:21 Read by Bob Neufeld
Third Adventure Part 1 26:48 Read by Bob Neufeld
Third Adventure Part 2 25:01 Read by Bob Neufeld
Fourth Advemture Part 1 16:30 Read by Bob Neufeld
Fourth Advemture Part 2 17:42 Read by Bob Neufeld
Fifth Adventure 30:04 Read by Bob Neufeld
Sixth Adventure Part 1 32:04 Read by Bob Neufeld
Sixth Adventure Part 2 15:04 Read by Bob Neufeld
Seventh Adventure Part 1 28:09 Read by Bob Neufeld
Seventh Adventure Part 2 33:39 Read by Bob Neufeld


Excellent reader, meh story

(2 stars)

The reader did such an excellent job, he kept me listening to a story that frankly, I didn't care for. Master Flea has escaped, and the Princess Dorchester is looking for him. He has found shelter in the collar of Perrigrene, who has sworn to protect him. The princess, who is very beautiful, is attempting to seduce Perrigrene into giving her Master Flea. But there is much more to the story. It was no coincidence that Master Flea sought refuge from Perrigrene, because Perrigrene is a key figure in the story, he just doesn't know it yet. This is a fantasy story (not my genre) about mystical creatures who take the shape of humans to do whatever it is they are trying to do. Honestly, I found it confusing. The author skipped around and tried to weave together too many story lines. The reader did an excellent job, tho, so if you are into fantasy stories, you might like this better than I did.

(4 stars)

I enjoyed this book for its complexity of characters and their machinations. Mr. Neufeld's narration is once again spot on.

🥴 weird and wonderful

(4 stars)

I like weird but didn't make it past the 2nd adventure. Great reader. Will have another go at it for his sake. .....well, it took a few tries but,thanks to Bob's excellent reading I finished it and am glad I did. The last part explains everything. I wish the author had written as clearly throughout all. It is very imaginative and clever. The many side plots make it complicated but are necessary to the endgame. It is hard to get through but worth sticking

amazing reader but...

(2 stars)

amazing reader but the story is horrendous. quit listening by the end of the third adventure...

fantastic book

(5 stars)

and a fantastic reader too!

could get into it

(3 stars)

Fine reading. Story didn’t grab me.