Among Malay Pirates : a Tale of Adventure and Peril

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(4.6 stars; 90 reviews)

G. A . Henty was a prolific writer of historical fiction for young adults. In this collection of shorter stories we visit Malay pirates, have a couple of tales of India, a shipwreck off the Channel Islands and a bursting dam in California, and finish off escaping from captivity in China (Summary by annise) (6 hr 5 min)


01 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. I 16:16 Read by Mike Harris
02 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. II 15:07 Read by Mike Harris
03 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. III 17:29 Read by Mike Harris
04 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. IV 16:42 Read by Mike Harris
05 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. V 20:10 Read by Mike Harris
06 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. VI 17:45 Read by Mike Harris
07 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. VII 18:07 Read by Mike Harris
08 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. VIII 17:18 Read by Mike Harris
09 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. IX 18:10 Read by Mike Harris
10 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. X 15:59 Read by Mike Harris
11 - Among Malay Pirates, ch. XI 16:24 Read by Mike Harris
12 - Bears & Dacoits 37:58 Read by Mike Harris
13 - Paternosters, The 37:43 Read by Mike Harris
14 - Pipe of Mystery, A 35:14 Read by Mike Harris
15 - White-Faced Dick 19:49 Read by David Leeson
16 - Brush with the Chinese, A 45:34 Read by Mike Harris


Bravo from Borneo

(4 stars)

Another enjoyable GA Henty book containing a few tales, all well read by the narrators. I appreciated the historical context set in 1800s Asia and insight that the author provides.

this is a great collection of short stories. Mike Harris does a

(5 stars)

well read

(4 stars)

I enjoyed these stories and the reader. The English Colonialism point of view got irritating, but nonetheless, it remained interesting.

Good book

(5 stars)

This is an unusual book. The first section of 11 chapters is one story, and the rest are short stories, but they are all exciting and end well. I really enjoyed the book. The readers are also excellent. Mike reads the majority of the chapters and is a wonderful reader; his voice is well-modulated and expressive. All in all a great book. Enjoy!