Martyred Armenia

Read by Margaret Espaillat

(4.9 stars; 23 reviews)

This is a first hand account of the Armenian Genocide written by a Syrian who had been a Turkish official for three and a half years. His accounts tell of the worst of humanity, and also of the noblest. The noble include families who courageously support each other in the face of death, and Turks who refuse to follow orders to kill, knowing that they shall be executed themselves for their defiance.
The genocide occurred just before and during World War I, and estimates as to the number of people murdered range from one to one and a half million. (Introduction by Margaret) (1 hr 33 min)


Foreword 5:17 Read by Margaret Espaillat
Section 1 19:11 Read by Margaret Espaillat
Section 2 21:20 Read by Margaret Espaillat
Section 3 17:26 Read by Margaret Espaillat
Section 4 20:54 Read by Margaret Espaillat
Conclusion 9:27 Read by Margaret Espaillat


Sad story, great narrator

(5 stars)

I wanted to know what happened to the Armenians. An old man I met said his family endured the "genocide", and I was ashamed to admit that I hadn't heard of it. This book gives an account of the atrocity that took place. It's hard to believe the current Turkish government condones the act with its lies and denial even to this day. I read elsewhere that they insist that the event was not genocide but simple famine and disease.

1,2 Million Murdered Armenians.

(4.5 stars)

It was the first Holocaust, is was similar to the Eintsatzgruppen killings of Jews in Eastern Europe during World War 2. The Kurds and Turks exterminated the Armenians, the modern Turkïye is founded on the Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of Christians. The Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians ought to have received Turkish territory as a compensation for their suffering during the late Ottoman Genocides instead Turkey only lost the Arab territories after World War 1.

Brave, noble and true.

(5 stars)

A well read piece, tastefully written and important for the modern audience. As the writer says at the end, those who permit atrocities share in their guilt. May this generation learn and irrespective of their individual beliefs, defend the innocent and the vulnerable.

Important subject, superb reader.

(5 stars)

I complete agree with the previous review. This is a sad horrific episode in human history. The reader is calm, steady and yet with understated emotion. She has my utmost respect in recording this in a professional manner.

Crucial historical document

(5 stars)

This is an important historical document and a very significant addition to the Librivox collection. It records an appalling case of genocide which many have no inkling of. The reader deserves the utmost credit for making it available.

Awful, Powerful Account.

(5 stars)

very carefully and we'll read, very timely story of evil of man, I disagree with authors final sentence placing blame on Europe and exonerating Muslim Faith. but last 100 years history substantiates reason for that.

(5 stars)

What a terrible indictment on the Turkish people and their beliefs. My only thought is WHY? The Kurds are no better. Man’s inhumanity to man never ceases to amaze me. JKF

a detailed description of the genocide of Armenians

(5 stars)

an unemotional first hand account of the systematic elimination of Armenian families. excellent background for further reading