The Dragon and the Raven: Or The Days of King Alfred

Read by Mike Harris

(4.7 stars; 219 reviews)

During the reign of King Alfred, Danish forces have invaded the English countryside. Although the English try to repulse these attacks, they are overrun by the savagery and sheer numbers of the Danes.

One of those deeply touched by these attacks is young Edmund. As a boy, he watched as his father was slain in battle fighting the Danes. Although young, he was intelligent, and noted the mistakes made on the battlefield. As he grew into a man, he put that knowledge into use and created a uniquely trained group of soldiers and built a new, stronger ship called the Dragon. Manning this ship with his special soldiers, Edmund joins the battle for freedom from Danish oppression. His adventures take him all throughout Europe and lead to glory, wealth, and eventually love. (Summary by M. Z. Spark) (7 hr 22 min)


Introduction 2:40 Read by Mike Harris
The Fugitives 24:33 Read by Mike Harris
The Battle of Kesteven 23:21 Read by Mike Harris
The Massacre at Croyland 29:40 Read by Mike Harris
The Invasion of Wessex 23:25 Read by Mike Harris
A Disciplined Band 22:38 Read by Mike Harris
The Saxon Fort 24:06 Read by Mike Harris
The Dragon 23:07 Read by Mike Harris
The Cruise of The Dragon 24:18 Read by Mike Harris
A Prisoner 23:19 Read by Mike Harris
The Combat 24:30 Read by Mike Harris
The Isle of Athelney 25:03 Read by Mike Harris
Four Years of Peace 15:06 Read by Mike Harris
The Siege of Paris 24:07 Read by Mike Harris
The Repulse of the Northmen 23:16 Read by Mike Harris
Friends in Trouble 22:35 Read by Mike Harris
Freda 25:11 Read by Mike Harris
A Long Chase 22:29 Read by Mike Harris
Freda Discovered 16:52 Read by Mike Harris
United 21:51 Read by Mike Harris


Excellent book

(5 stars)

In this novel GA Henty explores the history of England during its struggle with invading Danish armies. The story is exciting, and keeps you listening up until the hero triumphs. The reader is excellent. Mike does a nice job of bringing this story to life. Enjoy!

(5 stars)

This story was mesmerizing! I could hardly walk away from it. The author gave an interesting and exciting view of a period of English/Danish history with which I was not familiar. The reader did an outstanding job of presenting the separate voices of the characters, making the story even more enjoyable.

(5 stars)

Exciting story! The terror of the Norsemen is really brought to life. It makes we want to learn more about Alfred the Great and his efforts to repulse them.

(5 stars)

Another fine story. The reader is excellent. He has an excellent voice, sound recording quality is excellent. Pronunciation is excellent. The reader makes a tremendous difference connecting the reader to the story.

Excellent tale of 9th century England

(5 stars)

...the days of King Alfred - the wars between the Christian Saxons and the Odinist Vikings - professionally and superbly read by Mike Harris.

Exciting stuff

(4 stars)

Good fun and well read. The story seems ridiculous, will all our heroes plans working perfectly, but that does not matter. Well worth listening to.

another grand adventure

(5 stars)

As has been the case with the other Henty titles we have listened to, this one is a grand adventure of noble deeds.

great story

(4.5 stars)

I love this book i have also listened to it on my radio it's just the reader I don't like no offense