The Tiger of Mysore

Read by Mike Harris

(4.8 stars; 130 reviews)

During the Indian war with Tippoo Saib, 15 year old Dick Holland and his mother set out from England to find and rescue his father, shipwrecked 6 years earlier, and believed to be held prisoner by the 'Tiger of Mysore'(summary by annise) (11 hr 30 min)


00 - Preface 2:11 Read by Mike Harris
01 - A Lost Father 31:29 Read by Mike Harris
02 - A Brush With Privateers 29:28 Read by Mike Harris
03 - The Rajah 35:13 Read by Mike Harris
04 - First Impressions 37:17 Read by Mike Harris
05 - War Declared 43:23 Read by Mike Harris
06 - A Perilous Adventure 30:55 Read by Mike Harris
07 - Besieged 29:17 Read by Mike Harris
08 - The Invasion of Mysore 29:05 Read by Mike Harris
09 - News of The Captive 33:21 Read by Mike Harris
10 - In Disguise 29:41 Read by Mike Harris
11 - A Useful Friend 20:23 Read by Mike Harris
12 - A Tiger in A Zenana 34:23 Read by Mike Harris
13 - Officers of The Palace 28:28 Read by Mike Harris
14 - A Surprise 33:23 Read by Mike Harris
15 - Escape 33:11 Read by Mike Harris
16 - The Journey 32:42 Read by Mike Harris
17 - Back At Tripataly 33:05 Read by Mike Harris
18 - A Narrow Escape 27:52 Read by Mike Harris
19 - Found At Last 33:19 Read by Mike Harris
20 - The Escape 40:44 Read by Mike Harris
21 - Home 41:22 Read by Mike Harris


Delicious History

(4 stars)

Always a good ending and always makes History personal and delightful to read or listen to. Wish more authors of historic facts could learn to present them in this same way. If they did there would be far more interested in learning history, and far less chance of it being repeated over and over again.

Cool story

(5 stars)

During the tumultuous years when India was still under English rule, the cruel leader Tipoo spent many years fighting against the English in an attempt to throw them out. Tipoo captured a number of English soldiers and sailors during this time. One of these sailors was Jack Holland. Jack's wife, believing that her husband is still alive, journeys to India from England with her son Dick. Their intent? For Dick to disguise himself as a native and search the different areas captured by Tipoo to see if Jack Holland is alive, and to free him. Excellent reader, excellent story. Enjoy!

Good narration but story too long

(4 stars)

The narration of this book was top notch. Mike Harris has a wonderful voice and if not for him it would have been hard to get through this one. Actually I have to admit I fast forwarded through a lot because it just went on and on into nitty gritty details. I enjoyed the voyage and the rescue.

I keep listening to this one

(5 stars)

I would rank this book among Henty's best plot and development wise. The characters are so engaging and loveable, and the plot is fantastic! I can't say the actual history bits interest me very much, but the serve as an excellent setting for the story.

Superb book: outstanding narration!

(5 stars)

I love GA Henty books, and this is one of his best! The story is at turns entertaining, gripping, and wonderfully emotional. And narrator Mike Harris is one of Librivox's absolute best! Enjoy this wonderful work!

Excellent tale .... Well read

(5 stars)

Such a great tale and read by one of LibriVox finest! A real pleasure for me beginning to end whilst travelling hundreds of miles in my car! Did not want it to end.

my favorite book

(5 stars)

I have long lived "The Tiger of Mysore and the chance to listen to one of my favorite books While doing my schoolwork and housework was one I couldn't pass up!

predictable happy ending

(5 stars)

Well read & engaging adventure in India. The characters are a bit too perfect but that’s just classic Henty style. It’s much fun to learn history in this form.