Grace Harlowe's Junior Year at High School; or, Fast Friends in the Sororities

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The four series follow Grace Harlowe and her friends through high school, college, abroad during World War I, and on adventures around America. In The High School Girls Series, Grace attends Oakdale High School with friends Anne Pierson, Nora O'Malley, and Jessica Bright. The four promote fair play and virtue while winning over troubled girls like Miriam Nesbit and Eleanor Savell, playing basketball, and founding sorority Phi Sigma Tau. The group becomes friends with boys in their acquaintance: David Nesbit, Tom Gray, Hippy Wingate, and Reddy Brooks, forming "The Eight Originals." (Summary by Wikipedia) (5 hr 2 min)


01 - A New Arrival 15:20 Read by ESFJ Girl
02 - Confidences 11:29 Read by ashleighjane
03 - An Autumn Walking Expedition 13:25 Read by ashleighjane
04 - Grace Makes a Discovery 11:52 Read by ashleighjane
05 - The Phi Sigma Tau 16:30 Read by ashleighjane
06 - A Visit to Eleanor 12:40 Read by ESFJ Girl
07 - The Claim of the "Artistic Temperament" 9:47 Read by Callioscript
08 - Eleanor Throws Down the Gauntlet 11:50 Read by ashleighjane
09 - The Rescue Party 10:57 Read by Little Tee
10 - Julia Performs a Sacred Duty 17:24 Read by Leslie Stevens Suhy
11 - Worries and Plans 9:40 Read by Joy Scaglione
12 - A Reckless Chauffeur 14:53 Read by Ted Nugent
13 - A Thanksgiving Frolic 8:59 Read by Kalynda
14 - Eleanor Finds a Way 6:23 Read by Leslie Stevens Suhy
15 - A Would-Be "Lark" 12:23 Read by Ellen Jones
16 - The Juniors Forever 10:29 Read by Ellen Jones
17 - The Last Straw 10:54 Read by ESFJ Girl
18 - The Play's the Thing 8:53 Read by Ellen Jones
19 - The Try Out 10:05 Read by Joy Scaglione
20 - The Anonymous Letter 11:07 Read by ESFJ Girl
21 - Breakers Ahead 10:05 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
22 - As You Like It 24:13 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
23 - The Junior Picnic 25:03 Read by Kenneth Sergeant Gaghan
24 - Conclusion 8:12 Read by Prachi Pendse


(5 stars)

I wish that you could finish the series as the rest of the series is not red clearly and with many disturbance mistakes in reading and recrecting.🥺🥺🥺...