The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.3 stars; 68 reviews)

The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, normally known simply as Doctor Faustus, is a play by Christopher Marlowe, based on the Faust story, in which a man sells his soul to the devil for power and knowledge. Doctor Faustus was first published in 1604, eleven years after Marlowe's death and at least twelve years after the first performance of the play. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Chorus: Martin Geeson
Good Angel: Availle
Evil Angel/Cardinal/Third Scholar: Denny Sayers
Doctor Faustus/Vintner/First Friar/Covetousness/Gluttony: Algy Pug
Mephistophilis/Knight/First Scholar/Envy/Narrator: Elizabeth Klett
Lucifer: CalmDragon
Wagner: Arielle Lipshaw
Valdes/Clown/Third Friar: Nadine Eckert-Boulet
Cornelius: Rainer
The Pope: John Steigerwald
Emperor: Sean Randall
Horse-courser: Frank Booker
Robin: Jason Mills
Ralph/Second Scholar/Wrath: Sandra G
Second Friar/Old Man: David Lawrence
Fourth Friar/Duke of Vanholt: Lars Rolander
Duchess of Vanholt: Musicalheart1
Pride: Mary-Beth Blackburn
Sloth: Diana Majlinger
Lechery: Lucy Perry

Audio edited by: Elizabeth Klett (1 hr 43 min)


Act 1 17:06 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 2 34:33 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 3 22:41 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 4 22:13 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Act 5 7:14 Read by Elizabeth Klett


The Tragical History

(3 stars)

This production reflects the joint efforts of many voice actors, and one can only hope that more troupes will invest the considerable time that's necessary to rehearse, perform, and produce recordings like this. High marks to all for their valiant efforts, and thanks for the resulting product, shared freely in the Librivox manner. The performance (with three or four notable exceptions) reflects the largely untutored and undirected status of the troupe's members--and one wishes that the practitioners had had the services of an experienced director to help shape, polish, and energize their baseline skills. Most of the cast members demonstrate the basic reading and interpretive skills that could be coaxed to a much higher level of semi-professional performance, given adequate rehearsal time in the company of a director who knows the work. What might such coaxing produce? Overall, a level of energy, freshness, and ingenuity that would bring a basic reading to life and vitality. This differentiates a "prosaic" reading of lines from a truly dramatic and believable performance that can capture and entrance an audience. The exceptions to the generally prosaic reading--no doubt reflecting deeper levels of training, experience, and imaginative use of dramatic texts--are a delight in this recording. As to the recording itself, the audio production is quite good, with technical handling (miking of actors, adjustment of levels, and so forth) that generally makes for easy listening. Ironically, the voice of Dr. Faustus often seems to be more distant from the microphone, getting "lost" in room ambience and losing definition. All told, a creditable group effort, with quite competent technical handling of the recording itself, and a welcome addition to the Librivox audio library. Thanks to all involved for your work!


(3 stars)

The book itself made me sleepy. The cast is good, I liked most of the voices. I just dislike the fact that some records were higher quality than others and the sound weren't the same.

pure genius!

(5 stars)

This is pure, wonderful genius! This is a grand, momentous, and a most superb work of art that has rightfully stood through the ages! How anyone can think anything less, is beyond my ability to understand. The temptation of darkness is put forth with such artifice and splendor, as to move one and plumb one to ones very core! Choose not as Faustus did!! A wonderful reading and performance! Bravo!!

One of the Best Readings I have ever listened to!

(5 stars)

I highly recommend this audio to anyone looking for a reading of Dr. Faustus. The audio was clear and even had a few instances with ‘special effects’ (as I like to call them).

good play

(2 stars)

The play is great but I really didn't enjoy the voices of the readers, though I'm thankful to them for making this audiobook available.


(2.5 stars)

I wish the person playing Dr Faust would put a little bit more expression into the character and same with some of the other actors


(5 stars)

Couldn't imagine a better job being done. Best librivox dramatic performance I've heard. Congratulations and thank you.