Lara, A Tale

Read by Nathan

(1.2 stars; 6 reviews)

This powerful poem narrates the fateful return of Count Lara to the British Isles after spending years abroad traveling the orient.

Returning to his patrimony with a retinue consisting of one foreign-born page, Count Lara resumes the management of his landed estates. Lara's first efforts are crowned with success: only to be undermined by the jealousy and envy of his his peers. After a successful duel to defend his honour, the count becomes inexorably caught up in local blood-feuds; which quickly escalate to open warfare between his own followers and the private armies of his enemies.

- Count Lara remains a bold and skillful leader: is he strong enough to triumph yet over adverse fortune?

- And what is the secret of his mysterious foreign page: who left kindred and homeland behind in order to follow Count Lara to the uttermost ends of the earth?

(Introduction by Godsend) (1 hr 34 min)


01 Canto 1, Part 1, Stanzas 1-15 21:14 Read by Nathan
02 Canto 1, Part 2, Stanzas 16-29 29:52 Read by Nathan
03 Canto 2, Part 1, Stanzas 1-15 26:45 Read by Nathan
04 Canto 2, Part 2, Stanzs 16-25 16:29 Read by Nathan



(0.5 stars)

Impossible to listen to, the reader has no flow at all, none whatsoever, the verses are all broken in the reading. Unnatural, drowning the meaning, pauses before rhyming words... a complete waste of time for everybody.