Easy Lessons in Einstein

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Published in 1920, Slosson’s Easy Lessons in Einstein is one of the first popularizations of Einstein’s theory of relativity. This book is meant to convey to the general reader the ideas of relativity in non-mathematical terms, by the use of thought experiments and pop-cultural references of the day. This edition also includes a short article by Einstein on Time, Space and Gravitation. (Summary by JoeD) (2 hr 52 min)


easier read than Einstein

(4 stars)

after trying to read the special and general theory of relativity i switched to this and had a much easier time understanding.

great book, greater explanation

(5 stars)

the simple explanations in this book make it easy to understand one of life's most confusing problems.

Good simple illustrations of basic relativity.

(5 stars)

The most remarkable thing about this is that the scientific community not only had this basic understanding but by 1918, a century ago, had tested and proven the theory. Yet it was never covered as a significant science study for school children. As late as the 1980's Newtonian physics and Cartesian geometry was mostly the sole focus. I hope it's being taught now, but given our nation's aversion to science and intellectualism since the conservative revolution beginning with Reagan, and that Evolution is still a controversy, I would think it unlikely. Relativity is fundamental to the way minds should be shaped to perceive reality. It could not be more important.

well done

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed this text. So much information and wonderful descriptions. I decided to get the paid version to help in some small way this work. Thanks to all the people who make this app available.

(4 stars)

great app with lots of audio books. I just wish it had a sleep timer, because i listen audiobooks in bed to help me sleep.

An excellent introduction

(4 stars)

Well read and very instructive. Shame that the graphics can't be uploaded together with the audio, it would have helped

intellectually challenging book

(5 stars)

Very interesting book and great readers, thank you for your great work and for a trip in space and time!

Content decent, reading low quality

(3 stars)

varied readers made this hard to follow. lipsmacking in one chapter ruined it for me.