The Divine Enchantment

Read by Nathan

When the princess Devanaguy falls into a deep trance-like sleep, she is visited by the god Vishnu: who causes her to fall pregnant with his holy child, Christna.
Devanaguy’s sleep is prolonged supernaturally by Vishnu: allowing the god to relate to her his divine secrets through a series of ecstatic visions. Among the mysteries revealed to Devanaguy, she is shown how the gods will shortly powerfully intervene directly in human affairs. When the princess finally re-awakens: she is awestruck by her experiences, and bursts into a spontaneous rhapsody of praise.
Throughout her rapturous intercourse with Vishnu, Devanaguy boldly continues to desire answers to mankind's profoundest questionings

- is it possible for mere mortals to comprehend the divine wisdom of the gods?
- can be it really be true that divine beings care enough for mankind to want to intervene in human affairs: to do them good?
(Introduction by Godsend) (1 hr 32 min)


00 Prefatory 4:16 Read by Nathan
01 Prelude 1:41 Read by Nathan
02 Enchantment 19:26 Read by Nathan
03 Interlude 3:27 Read by Nathan
04 Birth of Brahm 6:56 Read by Nathan
05 Procreation 19:27 Read by Nathan
06 Preservation 11:12 Read by Nathan
07 Dissolution 11:40 Read by Nathan
08 Nirvana 4:56 Read by Nathan
09 Dissenchantment 4:54 Read by Nathan
10 Postlude 4:05 Read by Nathan