The Romance of a Christmas Card

Read by Allyson Hester

(4.6 stars; 38 reviews)

The story of the mission of two Christmas cards written by a minister’s wife. These cards find their way to two straying sheep from the village fold, who hear through the message in the words, and the little scenes on the cards, the compelling voice of home. There was inspiration and good cheer in the cards, and from them came, in one case reformation, in the other romance. (Summary compiled by Maria Therese from various original 1915 reviews) (1 hr 44 min)


01 - Chapter 1 13:22 Read by Allyson Hester
02 - Chapter 2 12:40 Read by Allyson Hester
03 - Chapter 3 13:12 Read by Allyson Hester
04 - Chapter 4 7:35 Read by Allyson Hester
05 - Chapter 5 12:13 Read by Allyson Hester
06 - Chapter 6 14:03 Read by Allyson Hester
07 - Chapter 7 12:31 Read by Allyson Hester
08 - Chapter 8 7:00 Read by Allyson Hester
09 - Chapter 9 9:36 Read by Allyson Hester
10 - Chapter 10 2:47 Read by Allyson Hester


(5 stars)

I hadn't known of this short story, till I ran across it here in Lrivox. The reader made it came alive. I wish I could hear more by her. I would have listened just to hear her expressive voice.

(5 stars)

Lovely little holiday story. this is one of those stories that leaves me wishing for one more chapter, even though I know pretty much what would happen in it.

Not my favourite

(2 stars)

Not my favourite plot or story. But this could just be my own taste. The reader was very enjoyable to listen to.

(5 stars)

The reader is very pleasent, she sometimes sounds like Dolly Parton, very soothing and joyfull

(5 stars)

A sweet and wonderfully story and the reader did a wonderful job.

beautiful story

(5 stars)

well written short story about the real love behind Christmas

(5 stars)

Story- heart touching! Story reader did a superb job!!

(5 stars)

sweet story to warm your heart.