PD Goth

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.9 stars; 13 reviews)

A collection of spooky stories culled from etexts found on Project Gutenberg (Summary by BellonaTimes) (2 hr 19 min)


The Wood Of The Dead 28:00 Read by Amy Gramour
The Night-Doings at "Deadman's" 19:40 Read by Algy Pug
Shadow - A Parable 7:05 Read by Corinna Schultz
Kerfol 53:18 Read by Algy Pug
In The Dark 14:14 Read by Chris Caron
The Last Revel in Printz Hall 6:58 Read by Mark F. Smith
Edward Randolph's Portrait 3:52 Read by Mark F. Smith
The Headless Skeleton of Swamptown 3:19 Read by Mark F. Smith
Were-Wolves of Detroit 3:23 Read by Mark F. Smith


Thanks bellonatimes, amy, corinna, mark, chris, and algy et al !

(5 stars)

For sharing the results of your gutenberg search for spooky stories in the good old public domain (pd). We're not worthy!


(4 stars)

Not every story is a masterpiece, but there's a great variety. Overall, a lot of fun.