Mighty Animals

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.3 stars; 5 reviews)

A book about dinosaurs written for children. In short, easy to read chapters designed to keep the interest of juvenile readers. (Summary by Guero) (1 hr 57 min)


Preface and Introduction 4:56 Read by Ann Boulais
The Mighty Dinosaurs 13:07 Read by Ann Boulais
How a Dinosaur Was Buried in the Rock 9:52 Read by Ann Boulais
How the Dinosaur Was Taken from the Rock 19:38 Read by Availle
Despots of the Seas 12:41 Read by Guero
Flying Reptiles 6:14 Read by Matthew Reece
The Little-Brained Dinoceras 7:58 Read by Justin S Barrett
Titanotheres and Others 12:38 Read by JimOCR
Mammoths and Mastodons 17:29 Read by JoeD
Some South American Rulers 13:22 Read by Kalynda