The Amazing Interlude

Read by MaryAnn

(4.8 stars; 267 reviews)

It is the early days of The Great War. As the curtain rises, Sara Lee is sitting by the fire in her aunt and uncle’s home, knitting a baby afghan. Her beau’s name is Harvey. He has his eye on a little house that is just perfect for two and he will soon propose to Sara Lee. But in this play, the mise en scène is about to change. A fairyland transformation will take place and Sara Lee will step into a new and different story, where she is the princess in a forest of adventure. There is a prince, too, whose name is Henri. He is as strange as the forest itself. And then just as suddenly, the scene changes back and Sara Lee is once again sitting alone by the fire, knitting socks for the soldiers this time, and with a memory and a new stirring in her heart. This is the story of Sara Lee’s amazing interlude. (Summary by MaryAnn) (7 hr 5 min)


01 - Chapter 1 24:11 Read by MaryAnn
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A truly beautiful love story. A lesson in Life.

(5 stars)

I have listened to this story so many times. It is a story about an 18 or 19 year old girl who is engaged to a young man. The young man believes they are meant for each other. The young girl not so sure but because they have known each other for so long allows him to dictate to her what their lives together will be. But this young girl has an uncle who reads news to her everyday about the war in Belgium with the Germans. And though she didn’t realize it at the time, after her beloved uncle dies she finds she wants do something for the Belgium army. She feels a drawing need to go help anyway she could. She tells her fiancé about what she wants to do before she marries him. He just wants to be married to her now, and refuses to let her go. But she goes anyway and learns what it’s really like to suffer for your country. Where she is going, she knows no one. While onboard ship, an older Englishman befriends her and listening to her story of why she is there and what she wants to do, he helps her find a place to stay until she can get to France. But the red tape is so hard to get through. No one will listen to her bc she isn’t from the Red Cross, nor has skills they can use. She tells them she can make good soup. And that’s all she can do. But she is determined to try. She tries to learn french out of a book, but still she has a very hard time communicating with the French. While in England she meets a young Belgium officer who helps her get through the red tape, and gets her settled in where he feels she can do the most good. This story is about love for a country and people, about wanting to help them when they cannot help themselves. And the love of a young officer.

moving heart wrenching love & war story

(5 stars)

a very good reader, she always does a fantastic job. the books starts out heavy with pro war help our boys over there kind of stuff and i didnt think i was going to like the book because it started out not taking a very realistic look at war. but it soon moved overseas and to the front line. that is when the book became so touching. a peek at what men went through in those times of war without supplies. and a love story started to grow. then the writer seemed to accurately grasp the struggle people have to readjust to coming home from war. a fine story, would make a wonderful movie if it isnt already one.

Amazing interlude for the listener, too!!

(5 stars)

An absolutely beautifully read (absolutely beautiful) story, captivating up to its very beautiful end! I found the summary a little bit misleading, and am oh SO glad I decided to try this novel, a heart-tugging tale of one woman's efforts (against all odds) in the midst of the the bleakest days of the War. It's told especially from the Belgian point of view, which I've never heard, so I found that particularly interesting, and relates varying degrees of concern, amongst Americans, regarding a war that seemed, to most at that point, unrelated, and far away... I LOVED this book, down to its (beautiful) end, and heartily recommend it! Bravo, Maryann, for a job elegantly well done! (Did I say beautiful??!?) :). Enjoy!


(5 stars)

Maryann does such an outstanding job in her reading of this book that I’ve listened to it many times. Her voice fits perfectly with the dream-like storytelling of this author. Rinehart can be preachy and dwells on clichés a little too often but Maryann makes up for these faults in her narration. It is true that Maryann kind of lacerates French and German words but the way she conveys the quiet strength and determination of the young woman’s more than makes up for that. I think the reading of this and “The Street Of Seven Stars,” are two of Maryann’s best readings. Thank you so much Maryann. You’ve added a breadth of meaning to these books that makes the written word more meaningful.

Do yourself a favor. Listen to this book.

(5 stars)

This is my second time listening to “The Amazing Interlude” and I can’t get over just how lovely it is. The courage and bravery in the main characters, as well as their imperfections and mistakes, make each one endearing in their own right. The detail, nuance, and insight Rinehart provides enriches an already interesting concept. Additionally, MaryAnn’s narration is excellent. Her intonation captures the dignity and gravity of the story well and really adds to the experience. You won’t regret listening to this book.

Inspiring and engaging

(5 stars)

This book offers an inspiring look at WWI and how society viewed a woman's role in 1918. Stick it out through the first few chapters. The book begins with a tough, vivid look at Europe during the War. The story develops into an insightful, romantic novel filled with characters you will enjoy. The summary is off the mark and doesn't give accurate info about the book. The reader did a great job. I look forward to listening to more books read by Mary Ann

Very moving and humbling.

(5 stars)

It is a war story, indeed, but not like you might think. No details of war wounds and atrocities, no tactical expositions, no harrowing war prison stories. Which is not to say that the story is not harrowing and haunting. It is a story of personalities and selfless sacrifice, of ordinary people who become extraordinary people when devastating circumstances arise. I finished with tears in my eyes.

a quiet adventure story

(5 stars)

A story of courage and honor, with great characters and attention to detail. The author was the first woman war correspondent at the Belgian front, so writes with sympathy and direct experience. Note that the / description isn't literal; there's no fairlyland or actual prince. The story is both grounded -- and souring. The narration is simply outstanding.