Jill the Reckless

Read by Don W. Jenkins

(4.7 stars; 342 reviews)

Jill had money, Jill was engaged to be married to Sir Derek Underhill. Suddenly Jill becomes penniless, and she is no longer engaged. With a smile, in which there is just a tinge of recklessness, she refuses to be beaten and turns to face the world. Instead she went to New York and became a member of the chorus of "The Rose of America," and Mr. Wodehouse is enabled to lift the curtain of the musical comedy world.

There is laughter and drama in _Jill the Reckless_, and the action never flags from the moment that Freddie Rooke confesses that he has had a hectic night, down to the point where Wally says briefly "Let 'em," which is page 313. The heroine here, Jill Mariner, is a young woman from the lower end of the upper class. We follow her through financial disaster, a broken engagement, an awkward stay with some grasping relatives, employment as a chorus girl, and of course, the finding of true love. Other characters include wealthy Drone Freddie Rooke and writer Wally Mason, her childhood friends; her financially inept uncle Major Christopher Selby; her fiancée at the beginning of the book, the M.P Derek Underhill, and his domineering mother, Lady Underhill; Jill's unpleasant relatives, Elmer and Julia Mariner; more Drones Club members, various chorus girls, composers and other theatrical types, and, of course, miscellaneous servants. (Introduction from Gutenberg and Wikipedia) (10 hr 35 min)


The Family Curse 50:26 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The First Night at the Leicester 24:40 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Jill and the Unknown Escape 12:51 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Last of the Rookes Takes a Hand 35:16 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Lady Underhill Receives a Shock 31:14 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Uncle Chris Bangs the Table 48:22 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Jill Catches the 10.10 29:43 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Dry--Salters Wing Derek 25:31 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Jill in Search of an Uncle 20:48 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Jill Ignores Authority 21:25 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Mr. Pilkington's Love Light 35:20 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Uncle Chris Borrows a Flat 27:33 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Ambassador Arrives 27:16 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Mr. Goble Makes the Big Noise 52:27 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Jill Explains 23:40 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Mr. Goble Plays with Fate 43:47 Read by Don W. Jenkins
The Cost of a Row 17:08 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Jill Receives Notice 36:33 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Mrs. Peagrim Burns Incense 18:04 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Derek Loses One Bird and Secures Another 42:33 Read by Don W. Jenkins
Wally Mason Learns a New Exercise 11:15 Read by Don W. Jenkins


Another terrific Wodehouse book

(4 stars)

I enjoyed it so very much. Jenkins is an animated reader. I missed the British feel, as he makes the snobbish English lady sound like granny Clampet, etc, but I do appreciate his reading.

It's Wodehouse!

(5 stars)

What more could anyone want? Well, perhaps a reader with an English accent, but all is understandable, and the reader even uses different voices for the characters. Recommended.

Good story

(4 stars)

Jill is engaged to a man of means, but when the family fortune is lost through the stupidity of her uncle, her fiance dumps her. Granted it is a coincidence, he dumps her for a different reason, but the rest of the world doesn't believe him, and decides to cut him dead. Meanwhile Jill, feeling the need to earn her way, decides to pursue an acting career in America. Derek feels the pinch of being cut by his peers and decides to find Jill and reconcile, but alas, the reckless Jill has already begun to find success in the acting world, largely thanks to her new old friend Wally who has his OWN reason for wanting Jill to stay with the acting group. The reading is fine. The story is more sweet than funny, not as laugh out loud as the standard Wodehouse book, but I liked it anyways. Enjoy!

(5 stars)

A charming romance with a lot of comedy thrown in, a slacker uncle and a couple of the usual domineeringly castrating comic British matron stereotypes that Wodehouse loves to mock. Jill is a bright and very likeable heroine. This is a favorite Wodehouse for me, along with his two other series of "Psmith"("...Journalist" and "...in the city") and "Jeeves". The reader with his slight western twang is perfect for this, with his imitation of female voices adding to the humor. He reads the male voices so well that they seem to fit their characters perfectly and drew me into the story without distraction. Thank you for sharing your talents so generously.

Great plot and characters, wonderfully well read...

(5 stars)

Beautifully read (a little slow for me, increased speed slightly). Great typically Wodehouse plot, but based on his personal experience of musical comedy (or perhaps I should say 'light opera'). Femal characters are better drawn, and more sympathetically so, than in some novels. A good long read and the plot twists kept me listening enthusiastically to the end.

Jeeves and Bertie Plus Romance

(5 stars)

My favorite of the youthful Wodehouse romances, as funny as the Jeeves stories but with more heart. We also get delightful glimpses of the musicals PG was writing. Don’s accent would at first seem wrong, even for a book largely set in America, but he’s wonderful, especially doing the females. Thanks so much!

A delightful tale

(5 stars)

Classic PG Wodehouse at its entertaining best. Set in England and America with the principle characters steaming their way across the Atlantic in pursuit of true love. Highly entertaining throughout. And I must say this Librivox volunteer reader has the perfect voice for reading Wodehouse; I hope he records them all!


(5 stars)

Not much of a twist ending to this one, but that's not what you're expecting from Wodehouse. It sticks to the pattern and provides many laugh-out-loud moments and a heartwarming finale. The reading was done very well, with unique voices for the principal characters. The tone for Jill felt particularly fitting.