The Battle of Marathon

Read by Nathan

(4 stars; 2 reviews)

The Battle of Marathon is a rhymed, dramatic, narrative-poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Written in 1820, it retells powerfully The Battle of Marathon: during which the Athenian state defeated the much larger invading force during the first Persian invasion of Greece. (Summary from Wikipedia) (1 hr 54 min)


Book 1 28:23 Read by Nathan
Book 2 28:20 Read by Nathan
Book 3 31:14 Read by Nathan
Book 4 26:22 Read by Nathan


Battle of Marathon

(4 stars)

The Battle of Marathon is one of the most beautiful poems ever written. I had never heard of Mrs. Browning, until I was reading North and South by Gaskell, and an excerpt of Browning was at the head of a chapter. There is nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying authors that you come to through another wonderful author. I would recommend a rough knowledge of the Battle of Marathon and Greek history of the time to fully appreciate this poem, either way you are always going to realize something new when you read it. The reader was good. For some reason the sound didnt come well over my laptops speakers (at work) and I dont know if this is on part of the recording or my computer. But I thought that the reader did an excellent job pronouncing the names and had a good cadence for the poem