Miss Sara Sampson

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G.E. Lessing, widely regarded by students of theater as the world's first dramaturg, was also one of the first proponents of the German bourgeois tragedy. Miss Sara Sampson, in which a young woman runs off with a ne'er-do-well who is still entangled with his former mistress, was a reaction against the Voltarian verse drama popular in the eighteenth century. (Summary by Arielle Lipshaw)


Sir William Sampson: Anthony

Miss Sara Sampson, his daughter: Arielle Lipshaw

Mellefont: Algy Pug

Marwood, formerly Mellefont's mistress: Availle

Arabella, a child, daughter of Marwood: Miss Avarice

Waitwell, an old servant of Sir William: John Steigerwald

Norton, servant of Mellefont: John Fricker

Betty, Sara's maid: Nichole Thompson

Hannah, Marwood's maid: debolee

Innkeeper: David Lawrence

Servant: mb

Narrator: Elizabeth Klett

Audio edited by: Arielle Lipshaw (2 hr 48 min)


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