The Journal of Submarine Commander Von Forstner

Read by Sue Anderson

(4.2 stars; 87 reviews)

The Journal of Submarine Commander Von Forstner is a graphic account of WWI submarine warfare. Forstner was the commander of German U-boat U-28. His journal, first published 1916, gives a gritty picture of daily life inside a submarine and details several torpedo attacks on Allied shipping. The 1917 translation of Forstner’s journal into English was unquestionably intended to bolster the Allied war effort. In the foreword, the translator states: “Nothing at the present day has aroused such fear as this invisible enemy, nor has anything outraged the civilized world like the tragedies caused by the German submarines.”

This audio read of Forstner’s journal was prompted by a tour of a captured WWII German U-505 submarine, which is a prime draw at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. The sub’s interior is not for claustrophobics--a hunkered maze of pipes and valves, banks of engines and batteries that leave very little room for humans. Particularly arresting are the sleeping quarters--bunks cozy’d up with the 15 foot long torpedoes.
(Introduction by Sue Anderson) (2 hr 47 min)


Foreward 4:12 Read by Sue Anderson
Introductory Essay, Part 1 18:21 Read by Sue Anderson
Introductory Essay, Part 2 21:44 Read by Sue Anderson
The Journal, Part 1 27:03 Read by Sue Anderson
The Journal, Part 2 25:49 Read by Sue Anderson
The Journal, Part 3 27:16 Read by Sue Anderson
The Journal, Part 4 28:40 Read by Sue Anderson
The Journal, Part 5 14:23 Read by Sue Anderson


Very good book...irritatingly read though

(3 stars)

This book is a nice glipmse into the lives of german u-boat commanders in ww1. I only kept listening to it due to the subject matter on how is was clearly written down. I must however add that the reader of the book was incredibly annoying. I am not sure why she chooses to use this reading technique but it is almost comical how she accents all the wrong words. Normal people simply don't read like this. Anyway

interesting but dry

(4 stars)

Worth a listen and does contain interesting information and perspective but the writer seems certainly to have been a better lieutenant than writer. He is quite proud. It’s an interesting insight into a mind of a man at war and how he thinks. It’s a short listen and is well read. Thank you.

the journal of submarine Commander von forstner

(5 stars)

this was a very compelling and informative listen. the u boat service of the great war is often overshadowed by that of the second world war but was nonetheless a proof of the submarine's usefulness as they nearly starved Great Britain twice. a must listen, well read book

Amazing Account

(5 stars)

A really well read book that gives an honest recount of what being in the first German submarine was like and how warfare changed during the first years of ww1.

An interesting account of WW1 submarines

(5 stars)

I found the narration to be excellent and do not understand the criticism of one of the previous readers concerning this point.

as it says

(4 stars)

I found this a very enjoyable and enjoyable listen.

interesting story

(4 stars)

holds interest quite well, desirous to listen several times


(4 stars)

Interesting read of the early stages of submarine warfare.