Vice Versa

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(4 stars; 14 reviews)

Set in Victorian times, the novel concerns business man Paul Bultitude and his son Dick. Dick is about to leave home for a boarding school which is ruled by the cane wielding headmaster Dr. Grimstone. Bultitude, seeing his son's fear of going to the school, foolishly says that schooldays are the best years of a boy's life, and how he wished that he was the one so doing.

At this point, thanks to a handy magic stone brought by an uncle from India which grants the possessor one wish, they are now on even terms. Dick, now holding the stone, is ordered by his father to turn him back into his own body, but Dick refuses, and decides instead to become his father, and so the fun begins. Mr. Bultitude has to begin the new academic term at his son's boarding school, while Dick gets a chance to run his father's business in the City. In the end, they are both restored to their own bodies, with a better understanding of each other. (Summary by Wikipedia) (11 hr 23 min)


Preface & Black Monday 31:24 Read by Jules Hawryluk
A Grand Transformation Scene 40:47 Read by Sandra G
In the Toils 39:50 Read by Sandra G
A Minnow Amongst Tritons - Part 1 23:21 Read by Sandra G
A Minnow Amongst Tritons - Part 2 32:15 Read by Sandra G
Disgrace 47:07 Read by Sandra G
Learning and Accomplishments 41:23 Read by Jules Hawryluk
Cutting the Knot 37:56 Read by Sandra G
Unbending the Bow 30:20 Read by Sandra G
A Letter Home 30:33 Read by Sandra G
The Complete Letter-Writer 22:43 Read by Sandra G
A Day of Rest 31:18 Read by Shari Dippong
Against Time 37:47 Read by Sandra G
A Respite 25:20 Read by Sandra G
An Error of Judgment 27:41 Read by Jules Hawryluk
The Rubicon 31:06 Read by Mike Okonek
Hard Pressed - Part 1 22:53 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
Hard Pressed - Part 2 22:20 Read by Jules Hawryluk
A Perfidious Ally 38:24 Read by Richard Kilmer (1942 - 2022)
Run to Earth 28:58 Read by Sandra G
The Reckoning 40:01 Read by Jules Hawryluk


A hilarious and crazy tale!

(4 stars)

One cannot help but dislike Mr. Bultitude in the first couple chapters, but eventually sympathizes with him in his school trials and attempts to escape his situation. A wonderful story! Readers are all clearly understandable (except perhaps in a scene where a character is drunk, but it fits there), although one or two are not going to be professional narrators. ;)


(1.5 stars)

Seems like a good story, but can’t get past the reader. If only the readers would simply read & not attempt to do character voices.

(3 stars)

Story was enjoyable. Some good readers, others not so much. For me the not so good readers detracted from the overall experience.