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Jacob Abbott wrote many historical books for children. He was careful to ensure historical accuracy, and as he said himself in the preface to this book "Whatever of interest ... these stories may possess is due solely to the facts themselves which are recorded in them, and to their being brought together in a plain, simple, and connected narrative."

This is the story of Romulus, the founding of Rome and the early years of its history, written in a way both readable and enjoyable for adults and children alike. (Summary by Ruth Golding) (6 hr 31 min)


00 - Preface 1:29 Read by sherlock85
01 - Cadmus 22:56 Read by Ted Garvin
02 - Cadmus's Letters 24:10 Read by Ted Garvin
03 - The Story of Aeneas 30:38 Read by Sundiata
04 - The Destruction of Troy 37:08 Read by Sundiata
05 - The Flight of Aeneas 28:28 Read by Kalynda
06 - The Landing in Latium 36:28 Read by Sundiata
07 - Rhea Silvia 26:49 Read by Ted Garvin
08 - The Twins 35:41 Read by Sundiata
09 - The Founding of Rome 29:50 Read by hearhis
10 - Organization 25:16 Read by Ted Garvin
11 - Wives 34:11 Read by Sundiata
12 - The Sabine War 38:52 Read by Sundiata
13 - The Conclusion 19:38 Read by Leni


(2 stars)

Ted,if you didn't want to read this,why bother. Read so fast and carelessly that it was spoiled for me.

(4 stars)

Slow to start but very detailed