How to Speak and Write Correctly

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This is a 1910 guide for those who wish to learn how to correctly (though maybe not "properly") create sentences, use figures of speech, write letters, and more, all while choosing the right words and doing it with style. Joseph Devlin's words may not all be relevant still today, but at least it sounds good when it's read aloud! (Summary by Andrew Lebrun) (5 hr 42 min)


Introduction 2:31 Read by Andrew Lebrun
Requirements of Speech 12:43 Read by David Barnes
Essentials of English Grammar 40:46 Read by Ophelia Darcy
The Sentence 29:20 Read by David Barnes
Figurative Language 17:34 Read by Sean McGaughey
Punctuation 33:10 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Letter Writing 26:31 Read by Rosalind Wills
Errors 26:37 Read by Hugh McGuire
Pitfalls to Avoid 37:21 Read by David Barnes
Style 27:44 Read by Andrew Lebrun
Suggestions 18:34 Read by Esther
Slang 17:37 Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)
Writing for Newspapers 18:59 Read by Andrew Lebrun
Choice of Words 13:33 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
English Language 14:22 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
Masters and Masterpieces of Literature 4:39 Read by Kirsten Ferreri


it's a good book, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

(4 stars)

first time of rate

(5 stars)

Seems a good book for wtiting and speaking, Take a look!


(3 stars)

laughed so hard when they said "YOU ARE NOT DICKENS" and "YOU WILL NEVER BE SHAKESPEARE " in the slang chapter. Who knows?

Good Book

(5 stars)

There is good practical information in this book, the lessons of the past that can be applied today.

Lots of typos/errors in comment section of a grammar book. ;)

(4.5 stars)

it was a great help

(5 stars)

I needed a book like this..

(5 stars)

A Spoken text of proper instruction ! Very good conveyance

How to speak and write correctly.

(5 stars)

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